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  1. Thanks for the follow up TBone. I appreciate you taking the time to review this for me. Rottie, thanks for the invite! Though I'm not sure I have time for another game these days.
  2. Thanks Cappy. The rules you referenced are the ones that I try to play by, and I believe that the video evidence will support that. I wouldn't have even bothered posting, but it's come up enough times with the same admin that I just wanted to clear the air once and for all.
  3. Hi there, As some of you know, I spend a lot of time on your server. I think I'm up to about 300 visits now. I do my best to follow your rules to the best of my abilities, and try to own up when I inadvertently break one ("sorry for hip"). However, the spawn camping rule seems to be an area that occasionally results in confusion. I hate being spawn camped as much as the next guy, and have frequently asked people to stop when I'm the victim of it. I'm also aware that I've often inadvertently killed people just after they've spawned, and been accused of spawn camping. It's the nature of the game that sometimes you'll turn a corner, see someone and kill them, not knowing they just spawned. Yesterday, I received a stern warning from Crossfire for spawn camping. It's funny as it always seems to be Crossfire when it comes to my being warned for spawn camping. I sincerely believe I was well within the rules, Crossfire was adamant that I was not. We've butted heads over the issue a few times now, and I'd like to clear the air and relieve the tension it's created between Crossfire and I. My hope is that members here can review the map from both my perspective and Crossfire's, and clarify whether I was in violation of the rules. If I was indeed in violation, the explanation of how will help me avoid the action in the future. The map in question was Array 9/7/2011 at 14:36. For time reference, the disputed play comes after my spawn at approximately 7:45. Thanks,