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  1. Merry Christmas To all of the Gens new and old. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year!!
  2. Whats really bad is to have to live with that Kastor guy, you know that Aussie fella. The one that likes to drink a pint and roll his own. Please scroll down to hear the song. Thinking of you Cappy.
  3. Did.
  4. Rottie I'm glad you didn't show any pictures of that poor TBone steak. Looks and sounds like you had a great time,hope the wife heals quickly. Cheers.
  5. According to EVGA this card will preform on PCI Express 2.0 with little difference in performance. But have bought a 3.0 board just in case. CPU shouldn't be a problem with Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 .
  6. Three Markos at a time on teamspeak you must have scared him out of channel. Nice Marko.
  7. Bought my son one yesterday will let you Know what he thinks.
  8. Glad your here Lead.
  9. Merry Christmas to you Ataris have a good one brother see you soon.
  10. Happy Holidays everyone be Happy and be Safe. :woot:
  11. Thanks Cherry still waiting for my alarm clock.
  12. Thanks BIG E you do the same Bro ,Happy Holidays.
  13. If your name appears on this list. DO NOT BOTHER appealing your ban,it will NOT be revoked. Videos have been watched , and you are indeed hacking. [FaaQ]FruitBowlMafia IP: GUID:14282577 [legt]Qlimax IP: GUID:71265299 Crown66** IP: GUID:55776794 [3arc]S||K IP: GUID:46851255 [FSHO]TheJuggernaut IP: GUID:56851236 [3arc]Piece of Shit IP: GUID:73233551 ms13* IP: GUID:56623630 [oXo]Green Hornet IP: GUID:73049556 BlackPimpStick IP: GUID:14670131 [xx]limeee IP: GUID:892884 FeuFighter IP: GUID:71857384 [PSS]|Sec9| MR. Slick IP: GUID:8639023 [3ID]williamggs IP: GUID:77009615 Kill-DU IP: GUID:82036117 [ONE]Capt Clean IP: GUID:10366688 [sam]forever alone IP: GUID:61317933 EnronCEO IP: GUID:14521831 [nav]jagga jatt IP: GUID:52499480 Cimdracula IP: GUID:81474230 [NK]J_Bone IP: GUID:57744453 [HIDE]Run_Die_Tired IP: GUID:85365530 SamJackson IP: GUID:19271165 [3arc]akamatrix IP: GUID:37749780 In[F]ernal IP: GUID:55975600 [EF1]Trippin IP: GUID:60997924 [uMAD]Carnage IP: GUID:54018188 [Pvt]Crossbow-GW- IP: GUID:81239881 DiStuRbeD IP: GUID:75389762 BiGKamiKaZe IP: GUID:38248728 Thumper380 IP: GUID:35916348 KILIMANDJARRO IP: GUID:61432302 [808]CarTerMatiC! IP: GUID:57268874 bozo84 IP: GUID:87494848 Flop Sweat IP: GUID:41688868 [RUS]Kefir_Danon IP: GUID:72939126 [noc]Blake {NOC} IP: GUID:64645747 Uncle Death IP: GUID:76849534 Ruddydogg14 IP: GUID:15146628 Frostpix IP: GUID:90310287 [PORK]SWINE_SCHNITZEL IP: GUID:89908190 brah IP: GUID:10097722 [AG]Master Chief IP: GUID:70056472 [soS]Abracadavre IP: GUID:5373291 [MiA]jay6002 IP: GUID:8616880 POP OFF PNUTZ IP: GUID:58959223 [CAMP]junglesniper IP: GUID: 80541050 [NIGR]Hacking2Win IP: GUID: 54971644 YumTeriyaki IP: GUID: 77312847 Durugizta IP: GUID: 79950449 Uncore-[965X].kr IP: GUID: 55490729 19TH]clthomas211 IP: GUID: 78632148 [dz]ruskie77 IP: GUID: 55959296 [FBI]BodyaAssesin IP: GUID: 47841881 tangtan IP: GUID: 67760285 TWolfe IP: GUID: 39834293 Miss K la pipi IP: GUID: 77653244 tdluc IP: GUID: 76533723 Black ( IP: GUID: 73890522 BigBang IP: GUID: 80111713 1keahi2000 IP: GUID: 74828314 [OSN]Eclipse II IP: GUID: 55994047 Zabey(Rus) IP: GUID: 55868735 CommandoSevenM IP: PB-GUID dd834250a50c9a1a0e88c3e3999ad6f4 [619]BigMcLargeHuge IP: GUID: 87424069 B!G_D@N IP: GUID: 57323093 5killz! IP: GUID: 3752601 inconnukill_ops GUID: 21814399 PykiNeIz}|{oPb| IP: GUID: 42906678 [3arc]doobit IP GUID 57021275 tienzazajame IP GUID 77724035 MLG]OZI IP: GUID: 83549443 Grish IP: GUID: 93642959 DeviL)Muffin IP: GUID: 62841387
  14. After talking to some of the people involved in you being banned and the infraction itself,I feel as the ban is justified. Since I was not Sheriff at the time I can only go on what our members said about the infraction. And I understand that you were approached by at least three members about teamspeak problems you were having in our server. Thanks for bringing this up and maybe we can look at this at a later date. Until then please respect our servers and members at all times. Thanks, TBone.
  15. Looks to me as if he was trying to hold someone down.