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  1. I just wanted to formally post my resignation here. Picked up with a different clan mainly due to the rules they run on their Black Ops crouch server and the increased activity. Thanks guys and cya in game! Swijr (Steve)
  2. Sorry I've been MIA from the forums, but I too am fully engulfed in SWTOR. I have a 50 trooper beating it up on Canderous Ordo and an up and coming 26 Jedi Shadow. If anyone's interested in running with my guild, lmk. We're on a PVE server, but we do a lot of PVP as well. It's a great game, lots of flaws, but still great! Steve
  3. This sounds like a good update! Steve
  4. I run a small guild for SWTOR and we'll be using a vent server and playing Sith on a PVP server this weekend. If you're interested, lmk. Steve
  5. Good changes, but nothing for the IRNV scope yet? Not that I care, I love that scope! Glad to see the Scar get toned down some. Steve
  6. True. It seems the group is divided on play style. Half on infantry only and the other half on mixed. Steve
  7. I RARELY see any GENs on it. What do we need to do get our people on it? Logging in by myself doesn't get us anywhere.... I don't even log into TS since most BF players are on other servers. Steve
  8. Any update on the plans for our server? Thanks, Steve
  9. In the "Conquest" mode, there are 5 flags to capture and each team has a spawn point that is "not cappable". Yesterday, there were at least 2 to 3 maps where tanks, helicopters, tanks and snipers were spawn camping that area for free and easy kills. It's BS IMO. Even if ALL objectives are capped, do we allow this area to be raped? I'm for this. I don't find it fun to shoot fish in a barrel or take away components that give people a fair advantage.... Sorry for the brevity of my original post. I was kind of mad when I posted it since I basically quit and logged right after it happened to me repeatedly. Thanks, Steve
  10. Other notable issues: It's like Lord Of the Flies in the server since the only rule is "no cursing" (even though the game drops the F bomb more than I do). The uncap spawn camp is bordering on complete BS and the notion that since "no hard rules have been defined" = do wtf you want is insanity. We need defined rules, defined admins, map clean up and rotation change (doing both sides for every map is a bit much). Thanks, Steve
  11. How long before I find out if I get to drop my "pro" tag? Also, the BF3 servers don't seem to have many GENs on. Is that due to the issues that are still being worked out? Steve
  12. Knocking wood, I'm on day 3 with no headaches so that's good. I would for sure thought trying to get into BF3 the other night would have caused my head to asplode! Steve
  13. Had an MRI done yesterday, just waiting to see what the doc says. Steve
  14. Swijr