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  1. In the interest of time and effort we have put together a complete scrim request. Anything you want changed Just repost this on our website under the "Challenge" forum with the changes. Everything is negotiable and adjustable. Scrim will be 9 on 9 Scrim with who you bring. If you have 9 and we have 6 then it will be 9 on 6 First to win 2 Maps wins Scrim, 3 rounds will be played, and loser may request the 4th round for fun if the round is not forced. Round 1........ Map "Cliffside" game type Total War No uav no killstreaks No betties 5 second respawn time, forced respawn. 10 minute time limit. Then final fight if not decided. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 2........ Map "SEELOW" Game type Search and Destroy 1 sniper No betties No launchers of any kind No tanks 1 minute respawn no spectate (yes respawn search and destroy) 10 minute round or plant Best of 5 or first to 3 rounds won No uav no killstreaks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 3....... Map "Battery" Game type TDM Only Artillery allowed no UAV no Dogs Betties allowed No launchers of any kind 20 min. time limit first to 1500pts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 4........Map submarine sub_pen In the event after all three rounds it is a scrim draw There will be an Ariska bolt action TDM last man standing round No perks No killstreaks UAV forced and showing all locations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- `SPECIAL SERVER CONFIGS***alert**** Flak jacket perk will operate same as BKOPS (2 explosive hits to kill) General Rules Crouch or walk sights up No running unless under direct enemy fire Can run through friendly smoke and suppress enemy smoke, or return fire through friendly smoke No hipfire Pistols must move in crouch if outside...inside sights up walking is fine No Marty No laststand secondchance No Wall spamming. You can shoot through a wall if you see the target but may not follow along the wall No blind grenades
  2. Thank you GENS, great game lots of fun, definately need to set some more of that up. Appriciate the hospitality..... Burnout lets get something put on the schedule for next month.
  3. I have been looking for Burnout to ask him the number of players we can bring to the scrim tonight???
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for the Scrim - Good Job Everyone. Sorry, I was not there for the entire match, had some RL things going on. I would like to confirm that we have a once a month scrim planned out with whomever is leading the scrims. I was told by Crankbait that there was one already set up but I it might be in flux with the different scrim coordinators from both sides being new. Someone please get a hold of me and let’s put this on our calendars so we have something to look forward to each month. Thanks, Black Irish
  5. Hey GENS, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the new scrim coordinator for the XII aka 12th. Black Irish I am reviewing all the correspondence between everyone from the GENS and XII. If your scrim coordinator could contact me so I have his info that would be great. I will get back you him and finalize everything. Thanks TTYS, Black Irish