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  1. Thanks I appreciate you looking into this matter. I will be more observant as to where I am ...
  2. Well just tried connecting to your server. As soon as I get to the spawn screen it kicks me out. So guess ban is still in affect.
  3. Yes I agree I was warned about second chance in a previous match to this one and I removed it. We had started quit a few matches before the ban. I was in prone position on the ground came around the rock on the ground saw player but no tag. I shot.. hit two players, as one had just spawned near the first when I shot. I apologized for the TK. Next thing I know I see !ban Cry intentional TK. Like I said I apologize for the TK. And there was nothing intentional about it. TBH I don't even remember the name of the player(s) I shot.
  4. Was playing in a match on your Cartoon Generals #1 COD Black ops server under the name Cry me a River. Sighted in on my sniper scope on a guy laying in the brush on the grid map. I did not see a tag so I fired. I was then instantly banned without even given a chance to apology. I was not my intention to intentional TK and have always apologized if I had done so. I realize that when playing there are times when you shoot or are shot by your own team mates. It's part of the game. I would appreciate a reinstatement or at least the opportunity to apologize to whom ever it was that I shot. Thanks... Cry Me a River