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  1. hello all, Been a while since i have been on the site and i thought its time for some explaining. Been trough a bit of a rough patch in my life but things are looking up, got a new job working mostly daytimes. Because of this im not able to play with the shooter people anymore because that was allways during the afternoon. So I decided to leave the Gen's because I'm just not active enough and the time zone difference makes it that there are hardly any people online when I play. This is not a personal problem I have with anyone I just kinda lost interest in the games we play aswell. Thank you for the good times Axice
  2. I just bought the game from this site Safe payment with paypal and instant delivery , game on steam is 15 euro's for me and i bought it for 5.80
  3. are we playing this?
  4. tdm with no sound ?
  5. i might be able to make it, just sign me up as maybe (im sick so i dont know if i will be feeling well around that time'
  6. As from 2014 PB is not supporting Waw anymore so i could not update my PB files with PB setup I have found the PB files and they are uploaded to our TS server on the waw channel (Just open the file browser on Waw) For Pubbers that dont have access to the file browser on our teamspeak server have a chat with the Sherif Deparment or the Nerd Herd. Axice
  7. Axice bf3 stats 838 kills with M98B in bf3
  8. great pics witek gl man
  9. Close quarters beast : UMP45 (Eng PDW) Sight of your choise Laser sight Compensator Ergo grip Hip fire people from miles away ^^
  11. damn you btw went to steam to check it out and bought skyrim xD
  12. Already own the game, its a great game and if people are planning to play it again il reinstall it
  13. got it
  14. check out this topic on reddit, lead posted it and it seem to have fixed a lot of issues for people