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  1. Depending on what people want to do I have friends all over in the game and could talk to them if needed..
  2. Figured I would post here,,, I have been playing since Beta in 2002... The game has changed a lot over the years and in my opinion NOT for the better,,.. Its all about who can screw over others the best is the winner.. Where as it used to be all about groups fighting other groups with tactics and skill to win and now its about putting spies in other corps you want to take on and beat them that way and even getting into high ranking positions and disbanding the corp/alliance and or stealing everything they have first of course.. I have been there when it has been done years ago and its no better now.. Even in Safe space which in EVE that is 1.0 space, where you have the police to protect you, they find ways to occupy the police and kill you anyway for your ship fittings that you worked so hard for.. Not a game for me anymore... to bad too because the fighting and ships are awesome...
  3. Do we have a Clan in World Of Warships? Just wondering.. If not can I start one?
  5. I logged into Tanks as a matter of fact last night... and found out I was no longer in TBC.. Humm.... no clan... so I saw other friends who invited me to be in there clan so i did... just saying..
  6. Hey All, I am looking for someone to setup a website for me for my corp in EVE. If anyone can or can send me in the right direction I would be very appreciative.. Tx All.. Terra..
  7. Glad to hear all went well... Here is wishing him a Speedy recovery!!! Terra
  8. I am thinking of buying a new laptop and was wondering if i should get one with Win 7 installed or Win 8 wont be a problem with games?? Anyone have any input?? Here are a couple of links to the two I am contemplating purchasing.. My link My link I am looking at this place to get it because it is a present from family and here is where they want to get it from.. Let me know what you guys think.. I have done some basic homework on the video card performance on both and both look like they can handle even BF3 with no issues.. I would rather go with an Acer because I have had good luck with them in the past but I don't know much really about HP of late tbh...
  9. Ok.. Thank you all for your input... I VERY MUCH appreciated all your help... I decided to go with the Acer after all with Win 7. Here is the link again... The video card was a big influence also. I looked at both and the Radeon HD 7670M showed to be a much better card than the other and this will be mainly used for gaming so that was the final straw.. Thanks again for all your help.. It will be here in 3-7 days and I will let you know what I think of the real product.. Terra..
  10. I was just kidding Armor.. I have been playing Eve for almost 11 years... Only thing i havent had for a ship is a Titan.. had at one point 40Bil isk and many ships including my Mom (nyx).. Thats a game I dont think i will ever get tired of... but it sure is time intensive...
  11. Mine is Heavy Metal... A movie way before its time... I have the cover picture from the LP Album on my whole back and thats where I took the name Terrakian (Its a character race in the film).... Also liked Pitch Black (part of the Riddick series) before anyone even knew it existed... it was a film no one looked at when it came out but when Riddick came out it was all the rage... Also, Still havent seen you Sixfour... but good to see you here with us Gens...
  12. Glad to have you here Armor...
  13. Its never easy losing family or friends... Sincerest condolences to family, friends and the 7th Cav. Terra
  14. its corps in EVE.. OMG.. get it right people!!!!
  15. Among other things I now have a job(not living in my truck anymore like the past 2 months) and the hours I normally work is 300 PM to Midnight.... So that leaves me out of clan wars for the most part except for my two days off (tues and Thursday) and those days im usually sleeping for the most part until later at night (like now 117AM when I just got home from work)so for the most part my clan wars participation will be sketchy at best sorry to say... Also, Where are Grape and Dragon going???
  16. [
  17. Glad to have you here Army...
  18. American: M103 T110E5 T30 Russian: T54 IS8 IS4
  19. for the man (or woman)who has everything!!!!!
  20. Our corp is having a recruitment in eve and I just wanted to share the post with you all. Any questions just ask me if you like.. I just showed Greyman the way into the game so you can also ask him what he thinks... I can send you a buddy invite and get you 21 day free trial also if you want to see what its like... make sure you play it with maxed settings for your system because the game is visually AMAZING!!! My link This is a link to our killboard also....This is our PVP stats....My link Talk to you later... Terra
  21. I would never call you stupid for tying to play the game that is the most complicated I have ever played(even more than Arma and yes i have played arma). I give you credit and tx for at least trying... all of you that do... My hats off to you... If anyone needs help please feel free to grab me and i will help you for sure rather than have you lose interest or be so frustrated you kick the game to the curb... I have been doing this with Greyman and so far he likes it... Terra..
  22. Ewo, You can be trained enough in EVE to fly a tackle frigate in 3-4 days so i dont think you had the guidence, you would have liked it... Azhrael, Sorry but I dont think you know Eve at all, because its ALWAYS changing. If you had been told where to go you would have liked the game better also... Its not a single player game unfortunately...for the most part that is.... There is a niche for everyone in Eve, you just have to find it, and I agree it is a hard game to join now because it has been live for almost TEN years now so others have a big jump on you. I have been there these 10 years and the game has changed quite a lot giving a little to industry, production, missions, invention, and Pvp during different expansions. Having someone to guide you makes a big difference also thats for sure. I have been guiding Greyman and I know he would be lost without some of it, as would myself if I was in his shoes. Eve is a game that is never ending in real life time, Training for new ships and modules is done like you are going to school to learn things, it takes time in REAL TIME. One hour of training is one hour in real life time so being able to do more things in eve takes time, its not a quick road. Also, PVP is the main focus in the game so it is involved in EVERYTHING in eve. Thay have a thing called safe space but it is never truly ever Safe, You have to be on your guard at all times and look for people trying to set you up so they can kill you. Someone said to me last nite that they tried Eve and had an experience that turned them off and they uninstalled from there computer and will never play it again. What happened was there was a can in space that had some stuff in it so he looked in and saw the stuff, took it and didnt think anything of it because there was no one around. In Eve, when you take someone elses stuff they have free reign to kill you because you did so, so basically you took his shit and now hes going to kill you for it. People set out cans EVERYWHERE in hopes that people do that just so they can kill someone else(because EVE is a total PVP game everywhere, all the time) So scamming is a way of life there. He said that no other game ever made has a system that if you abandon your stuff someone else cant take it, and he may be right, but evey other game ever made isnt EVE. It is something that is very much a part of eve and because he didnt know that, he did the wrong thing and paid for it. Just because he didnt know the game rules hes condemning EVE and I am sorry thats not fair. Do you travel to a new country not knowing some basic rules? Can flipping is one of the most used tactics in Eve and something that you should find out about, sorry that he didnt.... Eve is a game that takes patience, tactics, coordination and a will to learn EVERYDAY something new about the game. The game changes, Evolves everyday from a better way to do missions, Another way to find a wormhole and DEFIANTLY a new way to fit your ships. Everyone is always looking for the next big way to fit your ships, mostly for PVP but also for other facets of the game also. I have been playing for TEN YEARS and have taken short break here and there but have always gone back for the ADRENALIN PUMPING PVP action that is always there!!!! If you like REAL THOUGHT PVP against other REAL people most of the time, If you like to have your HANDS SHAKE and your HEART RATE PUMP FASTER because your in a fight with one person or HUNDREDS of people all at once, EVE is the game for you.... If you dont want to learn new things and just want to grind your way to new levels of things mindlessly with NO CONSEQUENCE, DONT GO TO EVE!! If you want to get better so you dont lose things for good, you LEARN TO PLAY EVE BETTER!!!! When you lose your ship in Eve you lose everything that was fitted on it for good, unless your in a fleet with others and you win the battle overall then you can get your stuff back... Sometimes.... You can even lose your POD and CLONE which hurts a lot if you have expensive implants plugged in your head(things which you have no clue about im sure) and your clone isnt up to date!!! In Closing, Eve is for some and not for others but it is a game like no others with graphics I have never seen in any other game before. If anyone wants to try it I will be more than willing to give you guidance so you dont make basic mistakes in the game so you can enjoy the full experience of the game. Terra
  23. I dont mine at all.. EVER!!!! I shoot people in the face all the time and run some personal stations in space to make a cool 1.5 BILLION a week for about 3-4 hrs work.. i NEVER MINE... %#$* that also from me...
  24. did you click on my links in the original post?? My guess would be NO!!!! because one is to our killboards.. take a look and see what that answer is.. I think you will like what you find.. And by the way.. were doing it in SMALL ships so it wouldnt take to long to get the training you need to be able to do it too..
  25. Were more on the PVP side with the money making for a bonus... If you know what to do you wont have to harvest(mine ore is what it is) to make money and get plenty of fun PVP also...If you want to look into it again just left me know your e mail addy and i can send you a 21 day subscription... and I will help you or anyone else who needs it also so you can have some fun..