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  1. Will come for an hour or so...Just got my W@W up n running again so looking to be an admin too...finally got it patched after a few re installs!!!
  2. Welcome Back Jeep!!! BEEP BEEP Looking forward to Shoot you in Battle!!
  3. Roger That!!
  4. Hey

    Welcome Legend!!
  5. Something new - I would like an M 60 When not flying I'll be in clan wars
  6. Hey Scottie!! long time mate!! great to see you on forums !! catch you another time!, CrakD
  7. Welcome Bonesetter!!
  8. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Dragon!!
  9. Signed !!
  10. Welcome Armor!!
  11. Welcome Luckstone or Thunder or ?? So many alias 's So much fun!!
  12. I just got back from Sedona n I am enrolled in an online certification course to be a Health Coach - Since I'm paying for it - It 's my focus for Now!! I'll be online once in awhile to play tanks or COD WAW or BO - though not as often As my School is first now!! Just giving Y'all a Heads UP!! I'll be checking in to keep my Gens acct active!! CraKD CrazyH WOT alias
  13. Welcome Soldierboy!!! Another Brother!!
  14. Welcome Witek!!
  15. Awesome Strog!!! Looks Grrrreeeeaaattt!!!! as tony the tiger would say