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  1. NP,s mate , the office is running smoothly
  2. I have a lot of rts games, will make a list and let you know
  3. Read and understood sir!!!
  4. well said, I agree.
  5. Ok some of you wanted me to post these old photos of when I was in the tanks. The regiment I was in was a famous historical cavalry regiment call ed the 17th/21st Lancers, it was an amalgamation of two regiments, one the 17th Lancers that took part in "The Charge of the Light Brigade" and another regiment called the 21st Lancers that took part in the 1812 war in Canada, our cap badge, known within the regiment and only ever reffered to as the motto was a skull and crossbones, the motto being "Death or Glory" This was a picture of me after I finished basic training, the tank behind was the hvy tier 9 Conquerer, my Father on the right and my brother on the left were both in the Royal Air Force. This was my tank, The Cheftain medium tank, it replaced the Centurion that some of you may have seen on the British tree.. I will see if I can dig out anymore and put them up.
  6. Time is unsure due to work and looking after my daughter, T10 x 1 hvy working on tx med
  7. Nice Grey, excellent find and very useful imho, many thanks
  8. Guys thought I would post this link here for anyone who likes reading books and has an interest in WWII Tanks. These books follow the exploits of a German SS Penal Battalion Tank crew durint various conflicts on and off the battlefield during world war two. I read then as a young Tankie when I was in the army and thoroughly enjoyed them.
  9. sounds good Dragon
  10. congratulations Ranger
  11. signed
  12. My condolences to his friends and family.
  13. Buddha, no probs mate. You have my full support and understanding. Real Life issues MUST always take priority over game.
  14. Good to meet you sixfour