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  1. Name:Scott Bell Age: 29 Location: San Diego, Cailfornia Time Zone: PST Ingame Name: Anath3ma SteamID: Do you regularly play on our server(s)? Yes Do you follow our server rules well? Yes Why would you like join the Cartoon Generals? A Lot OF Friends Belong To This Unit & I'd Like To Have Fun If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating money towards the clan for the servers and website? Yes, When Excess Funds Are Available , That Is Not An Issue What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals? Friendly, Outgoing, I Interact Well w/ Others & Can Play By The Rules, In To Tactical Gaming How did you hear about Cartoon Generals? Ran Into An Old Friend, Who Is Currently A Member Clans you where in before? 7thCavalry Reason why you left? Real Life Issues That Did Not Coincide w/ Either Theirs or My Schedule