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  1. Game: COD:BO Name: Omega-X Date an Time of ban: 11/24/2011 @ approx. 7:50am Why you think the ban is unjustified: I was given no warring or no reason to the ban. I was playing by the rules and all of the sudden I was kicked and banned. Map being played at the time as Nuketown. I was using a RCXC and hit the button to explode and was kicked. Again, no warring from anyone. I love your server and bought all the DLC so I could play on your server. If I did something wrong, then I apologize and want to know what I did but, I don't think I did anything. I was team killed by the same person three times (not by a clan member) and no one sorry was given. Two of the times it was clear I was on their team. Thank you for your time and please let me know what I did. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. I was unaware of that rule. I apologize. I was aware of one team kill were they walked into a nad I threw and I did say sorry. Looks like I'm able to join the sever. Thank you for the response.