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  1. That is very curious
  2. I Have it purchased. Played it on release day. It is rather enjoyable. Mostly play War gamemode. Haven't had any time since release to play though. Work getting in the way.
  3. Well they just released a trailer for it. The video looks great, but it is going to be interesting to see if they reintroduce dedicated servers or if it will stay the way it has been now for the longest.
  4. Well looks like Call of Duty maybe revisiting the Wold War 2 era again. From a few stories I have read. The new Call of Duty is called Call of Duty World War II
  5. I for 1 won't be buying anymore Call of Duties. Haven't really enjoyed 1 since the original Black Ops. But as for games, I am playing Arma 3, Squad, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Division for awhile. But haven't played it in awhile. I do also play BF1 from time to time. But latly Arma 3 and Squad have held my interest.
  6. Actually when I purchased mine the Ultimate was not available. But the only difference between Ultimate and deluxe at least before realeas was that you got Premium with the Ultimate version. Everything else was the same. Also it was the same price to buy the early enlisters and Premium as it was to just purchase the Ultimate when it became available.
  7. I got that same email.. Guess we will see
  8. I have mostly played in Coop servers.. The coop is like it was in Insugency. You pick your class and your weapons just like in insurgency. There are multiple game modes. Stonghold, Patrol, Etc. If you have ever played Insurgency then you can kinda gather what Day of Infamy is.. Except it is WW2. Of course maybe i am bias because I have played insurgency for so long. Although it is in Alpha. Really I guess I just enjoy being back in the WW2 setting with a game that doesn't require you to unlock a bunch of crap.. It is just join a server and play.. I miss those days.
  9. There is a new game that is in Alpha on Steam.. It is by the same guys that brought us Insurgency... It is a WW2 based game.. Called Day of Infamy... I think it is only like 20 dollars. There is no unlocks or anything like that. Just pure gaming. Kinda reminds me of COD2.. Just thought I would bring it to you all's attention. I know a lot of us miss the WW2 genre. I just picked it up the other day and have been enjoying it a lot.
  10. Yes the new Battlefield will be held in WW1.. The Trailer has been released.
  11. yes I am lvl 30 with a GS of like 183
  12. I play the Division.... But my name on Uplay is Br0ekn... The 0 is a zero. The other way was taken
  13. Also if any of yall have Rising Storm the new Heroes of the West mod for it is out.
  14. I have been watching Ghost Recon development. It looks like it is going to be a great game.
  15. he black screen is caused by it looking for multiple displays. If you set it to just 1 it will not cause it. I used to have that issue till I set it to a single display