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  1. I think that both sides provide some valid points to their arguments. In regards to the comments made that "gun control" equals "taking them away", unless there is specific mention of grandfathering already owned firearms of the type being mentioned, then yes that would basically mean taking away what was legally purchased and owned. Regarding "Guns don't kill people, people do..." yes, and yes the gun does help, but that has been the case with nearly any form of weapon developed or adapted by man. In regards to the 2nd Amendment I personally interpret it to have two meanings: 1) Citizens have the right to keep firearms for the protection of themselves and the state from either foreign or domestic threats, and 2) to keep arms to prevent the government from becoming a tyrannical government and allow the citizenry the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government if it comes to be. Granted that with the various laws that have been enacted over the years this capability has been taken away and especially with the advent of various technologies that are open only to governments and not to the private citizen. I do not personally agree with registration of firearms for the sole reason that it would allow the targeting of individuals in such an event that a tyrannical government comes to power and seeks to eliminate potential threats upfront through any means (incarceration to execution), or allow those of an opposite mindset to have access to that information to enable targeted harassment of those individuals registered (case in point: the New York newspaper that published the names and addresses of those in its circulation area who were registered firearm owners). I do not deny the horror of the various acts that have occurred in my beloved country, but I do think that we are too fast to lay blame to something that has no will of its own. Yes guns are designed to kill, that is its purpose, but it is the individual who wields that weapon who chooses what that weapon is aimed at, and when it is fired. We give to much focus on the fact that it was similar in design to "military weapons", this is just another play to try and demonize something that is simply metal and plastic. There are several issues at the heart of these situations with guns being only a small part, and there needs to be serious discussion about all those facets, before anything can be said or done properly. Banning or controlling guns is only a quick bandaid solution for an issue that has deeper roots. There will always be access to something illegal- where there is a will, there is a way. That's my piece, agree or disagree with it as you will, but remember nothing should be acted upon while in a highly emotional state as that can have results that were not intended at that time. Oh yeah... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whichever it is you say or have!!
  2. hmm... strange ive had no issues with the single player yet... course now that i say that... ill prolly have a ton of hopefully they get it figured out for yall
  3. So there is a new anime out this season, and its all about girls and tanks! Girls und Panzer! Here is a link to Crunchyroll's website that features the show. Lots of good tanks and excellent detail on them... though colors are wacky...much like they would be if we could actually paint our own tanks in the game. Check out the first episode or the PV if you get the chance and lemme know what ya think!
  4. w@w, death match, and the cappy special as only weapon (rifle nades for those that are fortunate enough to not know)
  5. Using the Auto setting and its got everything set to High. FPS seems to hover between 59-65 when running and standing still looking at moving things about 75-80+ pics to follow
  6. none yet need to load into it and figure it all out
  7. new update is running two 550Ti SLI'd together and additional ram up from 8gigs to 16gigs
  8. I should be Shini... downloading the patches now
  9. sounds like a good idea
  10. its all i could afford at the time... and it will change eventually...
  11. yeah its just the OS and basics... got about 3.5TB to 7.0TB of space in other drives both internal and external for it
  12. So here is the specs on the new rig: Chassis: Thermaltake Blackwidow V9 CPU: Intel i7-3930K Cooling: KUHLER H2O 620 MOBO: Intel DX79SI Extreme Series PSU: Thermaltake Blackwidow 850W RAM: 16GB (4x 4GB) PNY Primary HD: Intel 40GB SSD Graphics: nVidia GTX550Ti x2 running in SLI Running Windows 7Ultimate 64bit Shini Happy!
  13. I joined the team
  14. shini666
  15. Tier 8: ISU-152 upgraded to 122mm D-25 mod. 1944 & Lowe Tier 7: SU-152 Fully Upgraded Tier 6: Slugger Fully Upgraded Tier 5: ARTY M41 Fully Upgraded Multiple equipment and consumables on all tanks.