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  1. Sold to Yoursister. I will transfer guildmaster to you on both sides.
  2. OMG you want me to form coherent thought instead of the rambling nonsense that is my thought process? ok here goes. I do not have a problem with that business model. I think it is valid and like using it before buying a game, especially one with expansions to buy on top of the base price of the game. I like test-driving since I do not have a huge budget for games. What irritates me is what is specifically happening with this game. It is fairly obvious that they have screwed it up and are now trying to scramble to make as much money as possible. Just from the way the game plays now I think they have kinda given up. They keep breaking things they already fixed. The servers were well populated, then they weren't, because of the mass exodus. Now there are a handful of servers that are pretty packed....which for me, adds to lag and other crowding BS. So, it is metric butt ton of crap for me that has added to my irritation level. The free to play thing has just sent me over the edge. I don't think it will be pretty. Not getting rid of my account though. It turns out that it isn't worth much. So I might pop back in later to see if it has improved.
  3. I need to know who wants the title of guild master for the empire and republic guilds in Star Wars. I am deactivating my account and probably getting rid of it. This whole latest crap about making it free to play was my last straw. I'm not leaving the Gens, though. I will find another game to play and still hang out with you guys. I may make a tank just so I can. Let me know who to pass the torch to.
  4. This one actually looks really cool. I could maybe even play in the generals mode. FPS will still make me nauseous. The bicycle is my very favorite part of the trailer.
  5. UPDATE of the UPDATE: The guild bank has been restored with its 2 tabs. All done. Now to work on getting the republic side done.
  6. UPDATE: After reading the CS response again, I might be able to get it restore with my alts added. So, no rush. But come join us!!!
  7. For those of you who have already made the switch to the new server, please take a minute to log in so I can add you to the guild. I have recieved a response from customer service about restoring our guild bank on the new server, but they require that we have at least 12 members in order to restore it. I will be logged on all this evening and will make sure I am at least logged into TS over the next few days so that someone is available to add you. If you have light side (Republic) toons, we will need to add those as well so I can implement the light side guild bank. (And if you would like to chip in, that would be awesome as well.) If yall have any questions, let me know. My toon names, so you can see if I am in-game: Amys, Morgase, Tachikoma, Nynye, all Imperial and Khalan (Republic side)
  8. Thanks Hon!!!
  9. Since we have officially transferred servers in SWTOR, can we please change the room name in TS to The Shadowlands? Krayt Dragon is no more.
  10. *bump* Ewo and I played around the other night in a few of the lower level flashpoints and it was pretty fun. Keep watch because I will be scheduling some times for us to get together and start running these. (Of course, once everyone gets back in guild from the server transfer.) Also, there may be some spontaneous runs occur if we have enough people online. The Shadowlands are much better populated and already I can tell the population is very active. It is not uncommon to see 300+ players on the Fleet at midnight, central time. So it will be much easier to gather more to our roster and establish ourselves on the server.
  11. Also, our guild bank on the Imperial side will be recovered on the new server. I have contacted customer service and the ball is rolling.
  12. New guilds are formed on The Shadowlands. Imperial Side: <Cartoon Generals> Guild Master is Amys (me) Republic Side: <Cartoon Generals Lite> Guild Master is Khalan (me) Once you have your characters moved over to the new server, contact me in game and we will get you added. BionicTaco and Ewo are also already in both guilds and can invite as well. May the Force be with you.
  13. Confirmed. We will be transferring the guild to The Shadowlands server. In order to transfer your character(s), log into your account on the SWTOR website. Go to My Account. Click on Character Transfer on the left side of your screen. There, follow the steps to transfer the characters you wish to transfer. Please make sure that you check the mail for each of these toons. (in game) Mail in the mailbox is not transferred. Also, make sure you do not have any items listed on the Galactic Market. Items in your cargo bay and inventory are fine and will be transferred as well. I will be disbanding the Cartoon Generals Guild on Imperial side, Krayt Dragon so that I can reform the guild on the new server and have our guild bank restored. I have a screenshot of all current members still in the guild so that I can keep track of who needs to transfer. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  14. I will get to updating all this stuff. Not just the roster but making sure people are in the proper rank in game. I'm kinda back. Love you guys.
  15. Too awesome and strange not to share. For those who aren't playing the game. Darth Malgus is a menacing and yet always by holocom figure who sends you around the galaxy to get you into trouble and do his dirty work. Yes I signed up. Doesn't matter that I don't think he would fit in my house. Again, LIFE SIZED. Yes, please.