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  1. Added Battalion
  2. It's good to hear that you are in a better place these days Southside. You were in fact the catalyst that caused me to leave the 7th Cav and after some time off from clans in general I came here. But the real reason was that the 7th Cavs expectations of commitment and some of the internal politics became too much. So as far as I'm concerned you are welcome to be here. Things are no where near as active any longer here as in the CAV so if you don't see people around a lot in TS you shouldn't feel like you are being ignored. Mostly some of us are playing some PUBG together. And as you can see some of us old guys still pop in on these forums.
  3. Oh Oh, yet more proof. Never saw this one before:
  4. My sons and I have played in the four man team mode (with just three of us) and won. Just saying.
  5. Very impressive Special, I kind of figured you would solve it. By the by, a few of us GENS seem to be getting into PUBG lately and I'm even getting to team up with my sons.
  6. Also have you tried the following to check for and repair system file corruption
  7. This seems to be caused by webcam drivers:
  8. No specific solution, but I can confirm that I have received two such BSODs in WIN10 recently on a system that has be relatively stable for years. Methinks a wonky WIN10 system update? But you may also be on the right track with drivers. WIN10 uses it's own generic drivers rather then vendor drivers and as you can imagine in many cases they suck. Win10 updates will also often replace vendor specific drivers with it's own. This is still true for Logitech mice and keyboards. If you just installed WIN10 it may be going through repeated updates to the installation image. One trick I finally learned to keep my Logitech drivers intact was to simply disable the Win10 version in control panel versus deleting it. Thien WIN10 updates don't keep reinstalling it in an enabled mode.
  9. Burn that coal baby.
  10. Paying $0.126 here.
  11. So my son's are trying to talk me into this one. In short it seems like an Unreal 4 engine driven battle royal like game. It's currently $29.99 in Early Access mode on Steam. Thoughts?
  12. Essentially you are correct but still....
  13. Has anybody in the clan gotten into this? It appears that GPUs, especially AMD, are the preferred hardware for building cryptocurrency miners. Supposedly you can make some decent money by building custom rigs with several GPUs and letting them run 24/7.
  14. groan
  15. Helios is majoring in Robotics. I just know he will do something amazing one day. I just he remembers his friends.