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  1. My understanding is that you needed to be doing it a few years ago to get any decent currency from it. Now days (unless you are getting in on a newer currency) you need rooms full of computers/GPU setup racks consuming vast amounts of power to get ahead compared to the cost of making it and the time it takes to mine enough to be of use. But if you have nothing else to do but leave a few computers running in the back room and not counting on spending it anytime soon I guess it can't hurt. I would keep an eye on the power bill per month compared to what you are producing though.
  2. <Big emoji GRIN> LMAO, that was funny as Cappy. Keep it up
  3. @Lead. Sorry mate. can't find my notes I had for this for my keyboard but this website offers, from what I have read on it, the same directions/solutions. Assume you have windows pro? if not you may like their download to control drivers? I have not tested the GUI driver control system so can not say if it works or not. I have not tested for Windows Home. You won't know if it works or not until the next update either. You could create restore points often until the next update so you can roll-back, try a different setting/ process and let the update run again to see if it is effective? If you are going to try the 'Registry'fix recommend exporting a backup of the Registry before hand.
  4. They lost my luggage. Does that count? Also just heard today that with the next windows update Microsoft is pushing out you will not be able to completely stop windows 10 updates for longer than 7 days if connected to the internet. Edit: and so the total control commences. The normal life cycle of an OS must be up soon whereby you will have to pay a fee (if that rumour is true. Hold on but then how would that work if they are pushing updates. Confused. hmmmmm.
  5. I know of a fix so windows 10 doesn't/won't change specific drivers when it does its updates. unfortunately the info is at home and i don't get back for two weeks. If I recall it is a couple of policy changes and a tweak with the Registry. If someone hasn't come to the rescue before I get back I'll look for the info when I get back.
  6. Looking forward to see what it offers
  7. Yep. Not straight forward to find. Get out of the game. When you start the game by clicking the icon on your desktop (or whereever) . A menu is there. Go to "main page" and then at the top is option to "change username". Mine did not refresh by itself but if you close and go back your new username is in red. When you go into game now you have your user name
  8. Thanks ShuQi. Awesome info. The dude brownie is a friend / pubber who just got a gaming rig so if you see him him in team speak please say hi. He is keen to play fps. The tutorials are very quick to get through and game play is fun. Be cool to do some special missions as acclaim too
  9. UPDATE: Removed non working mission ACE : Battle zone Altis - ACE. Added new ACE Mission: YellowCake - Altis It is a one time mission but we can add to it with MCC and save our own version of enemy location and spawn point. It would also be interesting to try it with the weapons you spawn with. I noticed when testing that the ground vehicles were more responsive than they use to be. Maybe a result of the last big update. Anyway. Since you currently spawn close to the two objectives and it will be a quick mission it would be good to get a number o Gens just to come in to give it a try out then go back to the other games or try a more in-depth mission map.
  10. Back to the subject ..... ShuQi and I found that if you get shot and it says you are dead, now it also does what looks like a 300 second countdown and tells you the closest person to you..... so don't respawn. Also the person saving you gets an option "first aid" which gets the dying back on their feet. Very cool.
  11. ACE is on the server The map with ACE Battlezone Altis - Ace does not appear to load but THE NEWLY LOADED: BMR_Insurgency_v1.1 ALtis IS WORKING WELL. Once in tap ESC to get ACE options in top left corner. Current mods on server: ACE (got to subscribe to ACE and choose the one with the pix of ACE3 and 5 of 5 stars) Do not search for ACE3 CBA_A3 Remove stamina Remove stamina ace (you need both) MCC 4 Normal Dynamic Maps still work with the ACE mod loaded so all good to play old maps and missions still as well
  12. Good point ShuQi. Remove Stamina mod added to server. Tested. working. I added to my profile first and tested on own server. worked well. Tested on server and working. You can either subscribe on the steam workshop of just load with MCC when you load in to our server. On the steam workshop it is the first one when you search for stamina. 3 out of 5 stars.
  13. Hello Fellow Gens, Introduction: We have a Cartoon Generals Dedicated Server running 24/7 via NFO. We currently have running only two mods which it asks you to load MCC4 on start up so if so click the top one to load Mods and start. It is running the standard Maps and missions plus we have running DYNAMIC RECON OPS missions for Stratis, Altis and Tanoa (Missions change each time you play plus you can choose the set up when you log in. It is a 24 person slot server and I have a better ping than the old server we ran. It seemed to me to be smoother in game. I did choose to parachute in on one of the Dynamic missions and my parachute would not deploy but I just landed flat on the ground and did not get injured. At least I didn't spawn in the Ocean. There is no ACE Mod loaded at the moment. Hopefully see you in game soon and don't be shy about jumping in anytime and testing out how to use MCC and fly, drive some of the vehicles. Test some of the big guns. We can also save some of the missions within MCC. Finding it: Look for =GEN= Tactical I found it by just filtering for Tactical it didn't seem to like the =GEN part. PW: Usual one for Arma 3 server. Future intentions: Add more Maps and Dynamic Missions (Nam looks good). There are many many on Steam. Add a NO Fatigue Mod so we don't run out of energy when only running with a grenade Announcements to be made if we are to try new mods but it is pretty easy these days. Thanks: Thanks to Runez and Hodgy for the set up
  14. Hello GENS, I am proposing we give a fellow GEN a bit of a hand. I would like for us to download and jump in for a bit of a run around in Planetside 2 with Dark_Hope. It is only 20 GB in side and is FREE. If you don't have much space then it is easily uninstalled afterwards. I propose a few of us download it and organise a few hours of our game time in the holidays to give it a go. (organise is spelt with an s where I come from....honezt) Also Dark_Hope: I think you would like ARMA III. I know for sure we have a few GENs that are happy to play ARMA III at the weekends as a GEN favourite (spelt with a U where I come from). Arma III is even easier for the MOD use now too. For your consideration (spelt with a C where I come from..... not that c ). Regards, Timberwolf
  15. Nice to see you up and running Dark Hope. After the great fall of the World of Tanks the clan dispersed and has been held together by a rag tag fleet of a few with some of the old still dropping in now and then for a game or two. We have had a few more coming back in the last couple of months so hopefully this trend will continue and a new game of choice will rise from the ashes. I am currently playing Squad, Assetto Corsa, World at War and BO mainly. A couple of new games are on their way I think in the new year.