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  1. I see. I really haven't been following BO 3 until this week and was wondering what the gens think about it. I miss the good old days man. Playing BF4 is fun but not having a squad that works as a squad is not much fun. It seems the generals really have moved away from what it was when it first came to be.
  2. I am going to download this and try it out.
  3. Hello all. I know its been awhile. Hello Jeep. Wow, maybe 3 years now. Glad you are doing alright my friend. I am still busy playing FPS mostly, BF4, tried BFH titan fall and COD AW on a PS4 lol. Now BO 3 is out, I decided to pay the generals a visit. I am interested in getting this game. What is the consensus among the Generals? Have a great day!!!
  4. Alucard75#1907
  5. I am glad to see you back here among the living!!! Real life happens and that's all there is to it. See you somewhere in the battlefield (BF3, Diablo 3, at times BLOPS)
  6. I have pre-purchased digital copy and have finished downloading it so on release day I will just have to install it. My battletag is Alucard75.
  7. I am thinking of getting this as my friend/co-worker mentioned it to me...So I may get it.
  8. Alucard75PT
  9. Welcome back.
  10. BF3 for me
  11. Welcome to the GENS. Hope you'll enjoy your stay. What games do you play on your free time?
  12. Happy Birthday Cartoon Generals...I am proud to be a part of this clan.
  13. Let us know your experience on it.
  14. Ipad 2 has its points. I have the original ipad and what I didn;t like with it is when you watch movies/shows in widescreen it makes it smaller. The 10.1 screens of androids are very good for watching shows like on hulu or netflix. This december the ASUS transformer prime comes out and it has a quad core processor and 1 gb of ram. Will come out in 32 and 64gb starting price will be same as a 16gb ipad 2 wifi version. It may be cheaper by 50 bucks (not so sure). I am waiting for that one. Number of apps definitely ipad 2 but most of them are not useful for me. lol. My 2 cents.
  15. Ola Crakd/CrazyH