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  1. Rgr I'll apply On WoT, and look for Superonin
  2. Been back playing WOT and I noticed TBC is inactive. Was wondering if you all are ecepting new recruits. Sorry if this is the wrong location for this i look for the right place and couldn't find it. References: Jeep Lead_Magnet Soilderboy These were my Superiors in the 7th Cav Thanks for your time Cage
  3. Th / PT 16:00 / T10H-0, T9H-2, T9M-1. T8TD-0, T8A-0 M-Tu-W-F / PT 16:00 / T10H-0, T9H-1, T9M-1. T8TD-0, T8A-0 Sat-Sun / PT 16:00-17:00-18:00 / T10H-0, T9H-1, T9M-1. T8TD-0, T8A-0