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  1. We have a seperate server for our matches; its called BK Bootcamp. server. I will be on tonight and tomorrow night; I usually get in around 7pm EST. I have been checking to see if you have been on when I get in, so will catch up with you. Either time is good for us as a large part of members are on at that time.
  2. Hello Cartoon Generals, WolfFang here, I will be the match coordinator from BK for the scrim we are trying to put together. Lead Magnet, I will post the suggested set up for the scrim here. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know. This is the general set up for scrims we have used in the past but altered to work for BF3. We are go for the 10th if you still want to have it on that date; just need a time that will work for both of us. The time you suggested before would work for us but I figured I would let you check with everyone since it impacts you more than us. I will try to catch you on ts tonight or tomorrow. You can also feel free to jump in our ts as I am on most nights. Our ts info is, no password. Again if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know. WolfFang Greetings Cartoon Generals, Bad Karma would like to challenge you to a Battlefield 3 scrim, Saturday, March 10th, time to be determined. We propose 3 maps, hosted on our server, minimum of 8 players, maximum of 12. The first map will be Grand Bazaar, Conquest small Infantry only, followed by Wake Island, also Conquest small Infantry only. A third map either Seine Crossing or Operation Metro, which we leave to you to decide, will be played in the event of a tie from the first two maps. Teams will be limited to 1 sniper per team and up to 2 long range scoped weapons per team. Also all players must be limited to red dot scopes or iron sights only. Each map will be played with both teams playing Russian and US sides before advancing to the next map. Each map will be scored to 350 tickets. The following gameplay settings will be set on the server: Friendly Fire - On Kill-cam - Off Mini-Map - On Crosshair - Off Show Name Tags - Off Regenerate Health - Off Show HUD - Off Spawn only on squad leader - On Unlock Unlocks - Based on Stats Vehicles - Off 3D Spotting - Off Mini-map Spotting - On Soldier Health - 60% Man down time - 100% Player Re-spawn time - 100% Team kill counter limit – Off The following weapons restrictions will stand for the match: No Mortars No Vehicles (Tanks, LAVs, AA Vehicles, Attack Helicopters) No MAVs