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  1. Ahh Enemy Front is pushed back from june 10 2014 to Dec 31 2014... 6 more months...
  2. I think ill be on Arma III tonight with you guys! But a game that looks awesome is Enemy Front... I miss playing WAW but enemy front looks like Ghosts/Arma graphics in a WAW historical setting... pretty cool I think. I'll pre order it to pick it up.
  3. So Ghosts is eh... so so... Arma is rad just havent had time to play lately... and titanfall looks cool but seems to have the same issues as did ghosts with no dedicated servers... So whats on the horizon? I know my last 6 months have been crazy with 60 hour work weeks.... great for a paycheck but tedious on family time/ hobbies ie gaming.... but after looking through the forums curious what people are looking forward to....
  4. Anyone download this yet? I claimed it already on steam..... zombie games are always great fun and even better when they are free! ahh the forums don't like the link... anyway look up Left for Dead 2 if its not on your steam news.....
  5. So I bought arma 3 over a week ago and finally downloaded it from steam last weekend. Then all week it wouldn't load.... looking up bug issues its some major problem have been running into...... any ideas? I'll be tweaking with it tonight to find out whats up.... basically you click on the arma 3 icon on the desktop and a close program crash report pops up.. the screen doesnt flicker or anything just says it crashed.....
  6. This year Beth and I entered several contests for our duo deep sea diver and mermaid costumes. I also entered on a site called instructables and would like to try to win! If you could click on the link and vote for us that would be great. Just above the Jules Verne title to the right of the Halloween banner is the Vote Icon. If we win that would be awesome... plus if you vote for us you will be richly rewarded (sounds good lol).
  7. Man I have been out of the loop... I'll be picking up BF3 this week can't wait to play. I'll chat with ppl on TS to see pros and cons... looks sweet though and glad we can police a server in some respects.. hopefully our server will go from the 80's to the top 10 just as we have in BlackOps
  8. Voted
  9. Mr. Hedley, Glad your app'ing! Once your cleared I will take over as your orientation officer and get you squared away. Also any questions you have let me know. Thanks, Wyatt
  10. I have never smoked but to let you guys know how the smoke works on your lungs... not to try and scare anyone but give you a medical stand point on the situation. In your throat down into your lungs you have little hairs called cilia. These hairs work in unison to push out any mucus and other stuff from your lungs. When someone smokes the smokey tar coagulates on the cilia killing them. Now there is nothing to push out excess wastes and mucus. The result now is that the tar/smoke travels all the way down into your lungs to the little air sacs called alveoli. Here the tar fills the little sacs up and suffocates them just like a scab once they die and scab over they don't renew, but turn into a scar. Once they are scarred over they are gone forever. To give you a reference, if you took one persons lungs out cut them along the side bilaterally you could stretch the surface area of two lungs across an entire tennis court. So we have millions of alveoli. But over time the scarification of them causes the lungs to dis-color turning black. Now if someone quits, the good news is that the cilia will grow back. Usually cilia take a few to several weeks to grow back. This is why smokers are said to have a smokers cough because when the cilia are growing or trying to grow back they are pushing out all of the crap in the lungs causing the smoker to have a bad mucus like cough. Now to give you a different perspective, I have done autopsy's on people during my internship who were reported to never have smoked a day in their life but had lungs that looked like a smokers lungs. This is due to the area they lived in. Any major city that has significant smog will do the same thing to your lungs that smoking does BUT on a much smaller and slower scale. Meaning if you lived in say Los Angeles for 50 years, your lungs would look like someone who has chain smoked for say 5 or 10 years. Ultimately all of our lungs will damage over time from use but it will be our own decisions that will be the determining factor.
  11. That tower is nice Fyre.... I love the power supply on the bottom it makes everything so much easier to install everything. Its similar to the tower I have...
  12. Don't want to be a debbie downer cause I'm impressed by the 590, but... the gtx 560 and gtx 580 scored 54-58 fps on avg... while the 590 looks like it scored a high of 83 fps and a low of 54fps. Of coarse we will have to wait for an official Tomshardware release but I was expecting something in the 90fps area... I'm waiting for the time when we get 300-500fps... that's what is quoted for virtual reality where your brain will not be able to tell the difference between reality or a game. Basically when playing a game you would think you were watching a movie that you were controlling with total fluid motion. Now I know that films are shot at 24fps because that's the standard for film slides, and HD movies like the new star wars and IMAX movies are shot at 100-124fps... but its all a ratio of video fps output with the hz of the monitor display quality... gtx 590 review tomsharware overall 3d benchmark for gamers,2659.html ... haha always check your sources.. just saw this at the bottom of the gtx 590 review... "UPDATE: As our readers have pointed it out, the original source of these rumors was apprently a fake so the claims made in the article regarding the performance of the GTX 590 are unfounded."
  13. This is different than a game booster.. but a few buddies and I found a loop in many games when using an ASUS motherboard that has the softbios windows control panel. In several online games you could open the control panel turn down your PC settings, start the game so that the server could read your packet transfer at the slower speed, then once in the game alt+tab out and turn your PC settings back to normal or overclock them then your character would move twice as fast as before and attack twice as fast because the packets were computed faster. But in no way is it a game booster and in many cases you will loose your account. Only cool game tweak I know with black ops is when you play the single player game.. before you click any options to play the game you keep pressing the space bar and pushing the left and right arrow keys and your guy will stand up out of the chair he is sitting in. You can then walk around the interrogation room and behind you is a PC that you can use ingame. You can type all kinds of commands to play old arcade games.. like DOA (Dead Ops Arcade game)... there are about 15 commands you can type into the computer to play with including a shrink named Elcia.. pretty fun for a few minutes.
  14. Lol since were a nonprofit organization.. is this a tax write off? j/k Well I'll bite the bullet and pay for it. I know on consoles you buy a $50 game and in a week or two you beat it then have to go out and buy another $50 game... I hate to pay for new maps but would rather do this then pay for a whole new game. I'm sure everyone in the clan will pick it up as well.... the only thing I know is that the devs better do a 4x's exp week for this crap hehehe
  15. Cool! good to see our numbers grow! Welcome aboard mate!