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  1. Currently having to pay to get what they minimally have available does not seem worth it in my opinion. It will still be a long time before this game is even finished and available.
  2. I have not played Arma for ages and I don't have Arma 3 at all but I refuse to play unless ACRE is used. It make it much easier and realistic.
  3. Raptr had a deal that if you downloaded the free to lvl 20 deal and logged 14 hours in game you could get rift for free with 30 days time and the expansion. You can run raptr and the rift loading screen without playing to get the time.
  4. Here recently I have been playing Project 1999 more than anything
  5. I have Characters on Beholder myself. Once you get to 40+ it gets a little more difficult to solo and starts to get a bit repetitive.
  6. I showed that video to my Dad yesterday and he couldn't stop laughing.
  7. "In closing I would say that any Government that wishes to introduce legislation to potentially keep more of its citizens alive through the control of gun distribution, ownership and type is doing its job." The only way this would work is if they could keep anyone from being able to acquire a gun of any sort illegally. This will never happen there is always a black market no matter what country you live in. Anyone who lives outside of the US will never completely understand our views on owning guns.
  8. I completely agree with Sister on this matter. We don't need gun bans we need help for the people who have the mental problems that lead to these shootings. Gun laws only take guns away from law abiding citizens and keep them in the hands of any criminal who wants to get them. I would bet that any country that has strict gun laws still has a problem when it comes to criminals getting guns.
  9. I have 8 on one server so I wouldn't even know which ones to keep.
  10. If it is restricting you to 2 character slots I won't even try. I have 2 50's already and don't care to only have 2 available.
  11. That is 30-60 minutes before I can usually get on
  12. What times will these be? I can try to make it but the time is usually a problem for me.
  13. I remember training the old stubborn fart. He will be missed greatly.
  14. Just an FYI Blackbox and I have changed to the Santum of Rall server
  15. I am on Yaks Bend