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  1. Hey thanks for the quick response The league would start in may and would be search and destroy, first to 7 wins. We will be using the OW mod with some tweaks. The way the league is going to be set up is a clan gets to pick 1 captain that is going to represent the team on the forums and in the council, the council will handle all of the disputes. If you are interested we can add your to our Xfire and steam group. If you are in any way interested let me know, we are currently still working on the website but it will be up by the first week of april. If you have any questions feel free to contact me either here or my xfire, username is lucky42, and you can also email me at We are still playing in the TCC League but want to continue scrimming between seasons. Lucky
  2. i'm Lucky here from the 82ndAB Clan. We are starting a new league (beginning in May) for COD5 WAW. Our first move is to ask all the clans we know if they are interested to join in. So please let me know as soon as possible. There's a new Website and forums that will be ready for signing up and to follow the league. Thank you!! You can pm me in here or post in this tread or in our forums