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  1. Cant say i knew ya, but hello there! Former 7th Cav myself. Cpt. Allen from the ARMA guys!
  2. I need to know your guys' Highest tiers (8,9,10) and all of them. Such as mine are an E100, E75, Lowe, Tiger II. Generally if you have 9's and 10's dont worry about 8's. Need to know what i am making plans with. Would appreciate it greatly. Thanks, Field Commander, Condor
  3. Hey guess my inactivity got checked on here, even being on ts almost every day. Would like a reinstatement please.
  4. Name: Cory Allen Age: 18 Location: Missouri Time Zone: U.S. Central SteamID: none Origine ID: none Ingame Name(s): CoryAkAMe Select Your Game: (Choose all games that you will play with the =GEN= tags) Call Of Duty: Black Op's Call Of Duty: World at War World of Tanks =GEN= Battlefield 3 Star Wars The Old Republic COD / BF3 specific questions (can be skipped if you are not playing these games): Do you regularly play on our server(s) ? Answer Here Do you follow our server rules well ? Answer Here World of Tanks specific questions (can be skipped if you are not playing this game): What is your highest tier tank ? At the moment 8 Star Wars the Old Republic specific questions (can be skipped if you are not playing this game): What is your main character's class? Answer Here What Faction do you play most? Answer Here General Questions: Why would you like join the Cartoon Generals? You guys are always fun. and i always get a laugh while in ts. How many hours do you play games every week? Too many lol... I dont know I reckon around 20-25 What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals? I listen and i have a pretty good computer. How did you hear about Cartoon Generals? Through a mutual friend. Do you have a working microphone and speakers? Yes. If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating towards the clan for the servers and website? (Donations are never expected or required - if you have a few dollars you want to donate, feel free. If you are unable to donate, you are still welcome here). More than likely Clans you where in before? I was in the 7th Calvary. Reason why you left? I wasnt getting along with some of the people, plus the game I played with them stopped working.