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  1. Hey boys, Greyman and I setup a scrim in BF3 on the 27th at 7pm est. I cant get ahold of him nor can I PM him for the maps and rules you would like. PLEASE get back to me, Anyone.
  2. Match proposal Scrim: BK vs CG Date: 5-26-12 @ 7:00pm est (Saturday) 3 Maps: BK will choose Asylum(allies), Airfield(marines), Courtyard(marines) > Maps: All TDM Hardcore > 8 vs. 8 players > Weapons: 1 sniper per team > Allies: BK > Axis: =GEN= > No Juggernaught > No Hardpoints > No Martyrdom > No Laststand > No Rifle Grenades > No Overkill > No Scope on all guns except sniper > Move in crouch unless shot at or naded,then you may run to nearest cover > You may walk with sights up. > Once the game starts,no spectators,and no substitutions of players until the next map > Hip firering allowed > All perks allowed unless stated > Number of players can be increased if both teams can field more > Each team will have 1 MC that will communicate in game
  3. Both days work for me. Maybe we sould set two of them up 1 on ours and 1 on yours.
  4. Sounds good man, look forward to working with you
  5. Hello everybody my name is SSG.Johnny-BK- from bad karma, polite and friendly servers. I see you are already working with SixFour for black ops, but I'm here for a WaW scrim. I was hoping to get two set up in May. 1 on ours and 1 on yours. If you are interested in a friendly scrim please feel free to pm or email me. Thank You