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  1. Denied.. too futuristic
  2. I'm in and thanks Timber
  3. Have fun with this medley
  4. Have Fun
  5. You'll probably don't understand what he's saying..
  6. Thanks no problem..
  7. You should go to the 7th Cav with that pride..
  8. Thanks Timber.. I didn't read that it was "any game"..
  9. Do DMR's count as a Sniper rifle too or is it pure the Bolt Action Rifles? Lucky's Battlelog Stats
  10. If that works, you'll be joining through LAN to the server but connecting to Hamachi from your current location..
  12. What if we install hamachi on the server and we all connect through that?
  13. If you can send me the duties and rules about being a sheriff in a PM first? Sure then
  14. LuckyLuckstone Where can I download this Procon?
  15. Ah okay.. thanks Waller!