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  1. Seeing how the Destiny 2 PC release is getting closer, it would be good to share Battletags a bit in advance. My tag is: Chulsoo#1792 Feel free to add me to your friends list or share your Battletags in this thread for others to see.
  2. I've had a similar issue with my keyboard, but unfortunately cannot find the link to the forum post anymore that got me to fix the issue. As far as I recall, the problem was caused by multiple instances of those HID drivers. They all had to be removed with the device disconnected, turn of the PC, reconnect the device and then turn on the PC again. After those steps, Windows finally kept my actual keyboard's drivers and no longer replaced them with a new instance of HID drivers.
  3. I doubt there will ever be dedicated servers again for a CoD game. Even the Modern Warfare remake switched from dedicated to matchmaking, which is laughable by itself. The trailer for the new CoD seems more like a remake of an existing game, as it reminds me way too much of the original Medal of Honor game, which had the exact same "Private Ryan" inspired opening scene. I won't be getting it, but I'm curious if they've finally switched to a modern graphics engine and if the maps are a bit more open and offer some kind of vehicle support.
  4. Just some general info on Warface: If you've downloaded the game through steam, then your name is going to be something like "u_24382384". To change your in-game name start the game, which will open the launcher, click "Main Page" at the right side menu. A browser window will open where you can change your in-game name on. There are 3 types of main games you can play: coop, special operations, and versus. CO-OP is similar to Insurgency wheere you play against bots and choose between several maps & difficulties modes. Special Operations - not sure about that one yet, but it looks like a more complex version of the coop mode. Maybe it's a series of missions or just a larger map, but not sure yet. Versus is similar to CoD multiplayer (no bots in that game mode). Timber has created a CartoonGenerals clan in the game and we can add you the next time we see you online again (can only send out invites to logged in players). Here is a list of the currently playing members. Feel free to add them to your contact list: Gen.Timberwolf Gen.Jinxx82 ShuQi Brownie757 For new players: make sure to play through the tutorial, then play a couple of versus or co-op games to rank up, at which point you should gain access to the Medic and Engineer classes.
  5. Thanks for setting this up! I'm curious to giving it a try over the weekend. That last mission we did where we were attacking the airfield was a ton of fun - pure sniperfest, heh. The no fatigue option would be nice, as it would also allow for some more varied loadouts, seeing how we're usually running in smaller teams, so that we could pack some anti-vehicle weapons & ammo without having to drop everything else from the backpack.
  6. This is basically a written guide of skillup's recent 1.4 gearing video: It's meant for the optimal solo PvE DPS build, so that some of his choices can be replaced with other skills/mods/talents if you're doing a team based build, or if you prefer some other options over the listed ones. However, seeing how much loot is dropping now, this should give you a good idea on what to look out for, so that you can finally clear up your inventories & stash again. GEAR: (general guide, works for all gear sets) - go for 3 pieces with firearms and 3 pieces with stamina - use health on kill to offset lack of healing skill efficiency (from 2x nomad, or +health on kill) - roll +armor on all possible gear items CHEST: +armor, +dmg to elites (or health on kill, if needed) MASK: +dmg to elites, enemy armor dmg KNEE: +armor, enemy armor dmg BACK: +armor GLOVE: +weapon dmg, +dmg to elites, health on kill (or crit chance/dmg, if preferred) HOLSTER: +armor GEAR MODS: - add mods to unlock weapon talents as needed (firearms/stamina) - secondary mod stat always +armor! WEAPONS: - best PvE weapon: M60 WEAPON MODS: - headshot better outperforms crit chance/dmg in 1.4, so it's best to slot +headshot where available - below are the recommended rolls, rest of the stats are up to your gameplay & weapon (add stability / accuracy / crit chance / ...) as needed SCOPE / MUZZLE: +headshot MAGAZINE: +magazine size WEAPON TALENTS: - recommended primary weapon talents: destructive (added +armor dmg) ferocious (+dmg to elites, needs to be on 3rd slot to offset electronics requirement!) prepared (+dmg >30m) or responsive (+dmg <30m), choose based on your weapon type brutal and deadly are still good, but less efficient than the above. Use those on secondary weapon for added DPS, if you're running an Alpha Bridge build, or use the below for added survivability. - recommended secondary weapon talents for survivability/solo play, as you need to get the kill to trigger them: predatory (35% heal over 20s) skilled (signature gain on headshot kill) This guide will make your healing skill heal for about 1 bar, so if you're constantly running low on health and are unable to offset it with your healing skill / health on kill, then use a weapon with predatory talent on it. This guide assumes you're running Recovery Link as your signature skill, as it will respawn you on death automatically when playing solo. Switch to your secondary weapon with "skilled" on it when your signature skill is on cooldown, in order to recharge it faster, then switch back to primary once it's back up again. SKILLS: pulse + tactical scanner (for added dmg) heal + booster shot (for added dmg), or + overdose (if you need to get more healing from your skill) TALENTS: stopping power (suppress for added 25% headshot dmg) precision (not only highlights target, but also adds 10% dmg after first headshot!) on the move (kill enemy while moving for 30% less incoming dmg) shock and awe (suppress enemy for 25% movement speed) one is none (not needed, if you have enough ammo already) Gearing your character based on this guide will allow you to clear challenging content solo and adds about 123% base DPS.
  7. I'll be getting it. The idea of having free open world roaming with a full fire-team sounds like a lot of fun.
  8. a. Games you currently have loaded Assetto Corsa, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 3, COD - Word at War, Marvel Heroes 2016, Diablo 3, The Division, COD - Modern Warfare b. Games you own but are not currently ready to play Insurgency, BF3, BF4 - no longer interested in playing. Also ARMA3, but that's due to system limitations and not lack of interest. It'll move to a. & c. once I get my new PC setup. c. Games you would like to play for fun nights Assetto Corsa, Modern Warfare, The Division, Black Ops 1 & 3 Timber listed BF1942, which would be fun. The game's not holding up very well, but has a huge nostalgia factor for me - countless hours of playing the original one back then. Future Intentions: ARMA3 Apex
  9. I managed to get all the needed items to put together a full Tactician's set and have been experimenting with it a bit. The rolls on those items are pretty bad, so that I've lost a lot of points in the main stats with it equipped and there wasn't much room to tweak it with rerolls. My current stats with 4 pieces of Tactician's set, a reckless chestpiece, and savage gloves: Firearms: 2161 Stamina: 1601 Electronics: 2087 Health: 48.703 Armor: 51% Crit hit headshot damage in Tactician's set with SMG: 45.000 without pulse 58.000 with pulse active Crit hit headshot damage in Sentry's set with SMG (low electronics stat!): 89.000 without pulse 111.000 with pulse active The good: - fast skill recharge - good support role in group missions, due to fast skill recharge and skill power, but not sure if that makes up enough for the loss of dps The bad: - unless I let the Tactician set's skill power bonus build up, its skill effects are rather lackluster. I was able to 1-shot lvl30 purple enemies with a mine on critical hit only (unbuffed), but yellow enemies only got their armor down by maybe 75% with it. - noticeable DPS & health decrease (still OK for hard-mode missions, but don't think it would be viable in challenge missions, unless I'd be using it in a supporting role, e.g.: heals or buffs via skills) - pulse damage doesn't appear to scale that much with skill power - lost almost all of my weapon talents due to the low firearms & stamina stats - it's missing about 400 - 1000 points in stamina to get enough health for challenge mode/DZ content Overall it seems like you need the high GS Tactician gear items to be able to create a viable solo build. The GS191 items just don't provide enough points to be able to have enough firepower, health, and skill power at the same time. However, it's a nice change of pace being able to use your skills a lot more often, so at least for the hard mode content it's actually quite enjoyable when running solo.
  10. Yes, it cannot compete with the Sentry set, but there are builds that make it really deadly in the DZ when you utilize the available skill buffs. However, those all appear to be using the high end set items, as they have main stat numbers that I'd never be able to pull off with the GS191 items.
  11. Yes, the current loot system results in an annoying progression slowdown once you've reached a certain point, which is nowhere near the higher end of the GS table though. There's nothing you can do but deconstruct all the loot you collect at that point, which would be nice if you could then craft higher end items, but the really good ones are locked behind DZ level requirements. DZ levels & credits appear to be aimed at PvP players, so that just killing the NPCs takes a lot of time to accumulate those. I get that the DZ is meant to be a PvP area, yet it's also the only area where you can consistently farm NPCs & chests solo or in a group. The most fun I've had was when we're in an empty DZ instance and we're able to just go from landmark to landmark killing those named bosses & looting all the chests. The items you collect are still most likely just going to end up as crafting materials, but at least you have some fun fights and don't just run around for minutes trying to find to shoot at. There really needs to be equal to the DZ for PvE content, where you can consistently farm NPCs suitable to your GS. I have no problems clearing the DZ5 & DZ6 landmarks solo, but I can't survive even the first encounter in a challenge mode mission, yet the next lower hard mode tier is so easy that I don't even need to take cover anymore, just charge & kill everything in sight without any difficulties. The revamped loot system scheduled for the 1.2 patch is hopefully going to address some of those loot & progression issues, but I'd still like to see some kind of PvE content that is similar to the DZ brackets, so that you don't just have easy or impossible mode missions when playing solo. I wish they would take some queues from the current state of Diablo 3, where you can run randomized maps and set the difficulty manually, so that you can adjust it for your solo & group play. Nevertheless, I still enjoy playing it a great deal whenever we GENs team up for a session, but I'd play it even more if there was a rewarding solo content available as well.
  12. Well, guess my current 190k DPS build needs some more work then. Hopefully the upcoming 1.2 loot changes will make it easier to collect set items, so that we'll be able to create one of those Tactician builds as well.
  13. The timing and the edited cars in the Assetto video are amazing. Talk about consistent lap times, heh.
  14. It would be a ridiculously stupid move not to. They are splitting up the user base and are putting the content behind a premium paywall. This alone would turn me off if I had intentions to preorder the game, as it means less servers/players to play with. Seeing how it's a feature to their higher tier preorder packages, I doubt they'll change it before release, but it's most likely seeing a standalone release a few weeks/months later on.
  15. This is going to make TS awkward then...
  16. Nice! The naval combat was a bit wonky in the original game, but it was a lot of fun nevertheless: launching planes from the carriers, sneaking up on the destroyers with the submarine, sniping the drivers of landing boats, ...
  17. It's tricky, because CoD4 is still active on PC and holds up rather well to this day. I may consider getting it if dedicated servers are indeed available on release, there's no vertical movement as in the previous few CoD releases, and if they are staying true to the original CoD4 gameplay. This basically describes CoD4 itself already, which is why I'm a bit on the fence on this one. Also saw this funny image mentioned in one of the threads talking about the new CoD game:
  18. Just noticed this myself, but in case anyone else doesn't know about it yet: - check the "Rewards" section for the Division in your uPlay, where you can unlock some rewards for free and for those upoints, e.g.: they have a one-time 30 Phoenix Credits reward for 40 points - there is a free Rainbow Six Siege weekend going on at the moment. If you add the game to your library during the free period, then you can claim the Rainbow 6 Siege Tactical outfit in the "Rewards" section. You don't need to download the game, just add it during the free weekend and you'll be able to claim the outfit reward.
  19. It's definitely different compared to those two games, but I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a third person cover based shooter with a mix of MMO-style stats and abilities. It also has a loot system similar to Diablo, where you can get new weapons & equipment of varying quality from the enemies you kill and the missions you complete. Once you reach the max level, it's basically all about getting the best gear for your character, so that you can play the more difficult missions and stand a chance against highly equipped players in the PvP zone. If you get it, make sure to post your uplay ID in here, so that we can add you to the friends list.
  20. I was surprised to see 'Reckless' being mentioned as a top tier talent, because the extra damage to your character is rather large. However, then I read that it's actually bugged and instead of adding extra incoming damage, it provides damage resistance, meaning there are no negative stat effects with that talent until they fix it.
  21. I'm nowhere near an actually good build (still below 150GS), but I managed to get all my main stats over 1900 by going for a balanced build. Except for my gloves, all my gear has 1-2 mod slots filled with 100+ stats mods. I've re-rolled some of the gear to add mod slots, additional crit chance, and higher ammo capacity. The result is a jack of all trades balanced build, which has all of my the weapon talents unlocked and allows me to clear Lexington on hard mode solo in under 10mins. Firepower is still high enough to be able to kill a hard mode yellow boss or 2-3 purple mobs with a single clip of my AK47. The skill power is a bit lacking, so that I've replaced the overload heal with the damage boost one (thanks to Blackbox), as I didn't manage to get the overload effect anymore when on really low health. This balanced build has been working well for me when doing hard-mode solo missions & solo DZ farming, but I'm not sure if it would be great for doing challenge runs, due to the lack of specialization. The bonus of all the unlocked weapon talents may make up for it a bit, but this would only apply if you have consistently good talents across your weapons.
  22. Yup, I've used this guide already for the weapons to go after and the mods I've installed in them - great work, Blackbox! Lead, this all may sound overly complex, but this is all for the end-game only. I'd say that you'll get introduced to & figure out most of those concepts by simply playing your character through the story missions. It's like learning a map, classes, loadouts, ... in a new BF game. The game does a good job of explaining how to handle your inventory and how skills work during the tutorial and once you unlock your first base-camp upgrades. If you haven't returned the game already, then lets group up next time and do some missions together, as it makes a huge difference in enjoying the game.
  23. was just about to mention - based on the patch notes it sounds like it's best to convert all your craftables to the highest possible tier before the patch gets released. You'll have to gather all the lower ones again, but at least you won't loose out a lot of your items to the new conversion rates then.
  24. I'm playing on a laptop connected to an external monitor, but it's already setup in such a way that the external one is the primary display and the laptop's is disabled (still appears in the settings, but it's working like a single-monitor setup, as in I can't move windows between both monitors or get a signal on the laptop's screen until I enable it in the system settings again). I don't think I can disable it any further, due to the secondary display being the laptop's screen?
  25. Yeah, I play it through uPlay directly, which is why it won't show me playing it in Steam. Add your uPlay username in here, or next time we're in TS, and we can send you friend invites.