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  1. Welcome back m8. you know the drill, change ya tags etc etc.. have to wait till someone with access to the ACP can change your forum name
  2. The article states its NOT sea lice, but sure as hell looks like it, they where the main reason i stopped fishing when i lived in Victoria..bait wouldnt last 30 seconds before being devoured
  3. if its proper dedic ated servers, where we can admin, then il be getting it, if its like the last few where they are dedicated, but non adminable they they can shove it up their arse sideways
  4. Thats cheap.
  5. I Just read this Lead.. seems like playing the stock exchange, Also, do you guys only pay 14cPKWH for electricity?? ours is 27c pkwh and going up 20% on July 1st
  6. it was a shit joke BUT my timing was impeccable, making it aceptable
  7. Cod had pizzas?? id love a nice Hawaiian with Jalapenos right now
  8. aww, thats so sweet... looks like its a common thing, free room and board for non criminals
  9. Oh aye, so lets stick him behind bars for 10 days and counting, untill the paperwork gets sorted out..why not just deport him back to Oz?
  10. Dibble,Old Bill,Peelers. Police.. Oh and Timber...DO NOT stay a minute over your visa...
  11. Get back you say Timber? aint you in the States? why not do the right thing and go to Leads house and fix it for him,?? Oh thats if United airlines dont have you dragged of the plane by the coppers
  12. Loved his music early 80s, Angel is a centrefold etc.. RIP
  13. Even the crocs aint safe....
  15. Still trying to finish the new home,hope fully only a few more weeks till im in and set up.. untill then, i see posts about you guys in game and im
  16. Hopefully in a few more weeks ill have time to load this up and shoot things dead
  17. Hey there Dark hope, good to see you alive n kickin
  18. You do realise, you where replying to a government trained assassin.?
  19. Yeah, $170 spent on a game at a time where we are counting our pennies, due to building work im doing around the house.. nah cant justify it, shame really as i just spent a fortune on a new GPU, but needs must and all that
  20. Hiya Mike I cant Justify paying that sort of money for the game, that would equate to paying one quarter's of my gas/eleckie bill. So i personally wont be geting the game
  21. you are m8, as noted above your name
  22. Oh and the spiders here are self sufficient, even make great fishermen.
  24. Jeep:Last Active Nov 12 2015 02:05 PM Nothing to be unhappy about., HE made the rule about 3 months inactive, i gave him 7 months. @Timber, yeah i noticed Hodgys sig gone: either he {and anyone else whos sig aint here} removed it themselves, or the host is corrupted, but a few do work so maybe thats not it?
  25. Lead, i have a fully functioning Win7 with loader i can point you in the direction of