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  1. Thank you all for your wishes. We had a wonderful vacation to celebrate our milestone.
  2. Wonderful news! Prayers for his continued successful recovery!
  3. Thank you all for your kinds words on the loss of our little Greta. She was very, very special to us and will never be forgotten.
  4. Good luck Finky. In my thoughts and prayers as are you too Betty.
  5. Voted! Good luck and keep us posted
  6. Glad things working out for you Smartlink. Continued good luck with her. And remember, one step forward, two back sometimes so don't get frustrated - just forge ahead! OOH-RAH!
  7. How adorable they all are!
  8. Pics of our two dogs - the older lady is Greta Garbo and the young stud is Lenny! Greta will be 14 in January and Lenny was 2 in July.
  9. Working at a vet's office, this question is asked alot. It you prefer crate training at night and while you are gone, that is fine. The best tips are as follows: 1/2 hour after they eat take them out, do not treat going out as a playtime event (we say to our dog as we are leashing him up "potty walk") , praise her when she goes. If you are in the house playing and she stop and starts to smell around, take her out! Remember they have small puppy bladders so they will need to go out often in the beginning. If you catch her going in the house, tell her no and then take her outside. If you find the mess after she has done it, she will NOT know why you are discipling her so just clean it and continue on with the training. Limit her water or even refrain from water after 8pm so that she may not need to go out during the night. If you plan on training her inside on wee wee pads, all of the above still applies. She will not automatically be attracted to them. She will need to be shown where to go. You can even start her on pads and when she messes on one, take it outside to where you want her to go and let her smell it so when you take her out take her to that spot. Repetition and patience is the key. They will go one step forward and two steps back alot, so don't get frustrated. Our dog was a good 6 months old before we could say she was totally housetrained. Dachshunds are very stubborn by nature and have been found to be more difficult to train, but it can be done. Hang in there and there are many sites you can go to for additional tips. If you have any further questions, let me know and I can see if I can help you out. (Sorry so long, but I get going when I talk about pets!)
  10. My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind. I am a fanatic for old movies and that is my all time favorite followed by Singing in the Rain.
  11. Welcome aboard
  12. Condolences to his family, friends and the 7th Cav.
  13. Wow, I find myself eating them that way too! Been trying to keep away from them though - watching the junk food - but it is hard! Have the yellow peanut M&M character tattooed on my right shoulder too! There, now you know more about me then you probably need to. LOL
  14. My husband did that sig for me. Love my peanut M&Ms!