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  1. This will be a Crouch Only Event!! Starts Friday 19th @ 6:00pm EST...Ends Sunday 21st 11:45pm EST BF3 Server 1...Close Quarters...All Maps...Except GunMaster. Same rules as our Black Ops Server.
  2. Yes, sort of big maps , but still fun and tactical. KTD rate Higher for me I played for 7 hours, got hand cramps. It is hard to go to crouch suddenly, so we did have issues with runners ruining it. I don't know how a player can join a server and not look at rules/details. I saw some of GEN players in there, appreciate the patience. More events coming
  3. Hello to all. My name is Timbo and I am with Bad Karma (BK). I am a new Match coordinator. I have had the pleasure of scrimming with you guys in Black OPs and BF3. It's hard to battle against an army of all "Generals" BK is tooling around with crouching while playing BF3 in Close Quarters maps. We have had 2-3 events on our server 1 and today is another. All Day today, Polite and Friendly1 will be running CQ with crouch rules. Same rules as our Black Ops servers. Come play with us today and see how it works, then maybe we can plan a scrim based on these settings in a month or too. It's empty right now, but should be full later. Be patient, it's not normal for crouch in there and we have to police it. It gets wild at times, but when it settles down it is super fun. IP: See you on the battlefield.