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  1. My Internet is down, due to weather. I'll be online as soon as it's back up.
  2. <guilttrip> So, you saw that Sister posted this. Hmm, they won some land last night, that's cool. Now, what was that other tab I was looking at... NO. STOP. You're back here again. Bonesetter posted something? Who is this guy? Ugh, it better be important... IT IS IMPORTANT. It's facking land ownership in WoT. It's free gold, free as long as you help defend. How do you think we'll feel tonight, or tomorrow, or the next night, when we're logged in to defend and there's only nine of us defending? Betrayed, that's how. So grow a set. Have some pride. Remember what we're all about when playing these games. Show a little "Of, By, For". Show some other clan that GEN and TBC don't just lay their weapons down so that their clan can just take what's ours. </guilttrip>
  3. Would have been good with more folks tonight... Thanks to everyone that showed up! Super Pershings unite.
  4. Greetings, GENs! I mentioned last night during Clan Wars in WoT that I would drop by and sign up, so here I am. I look forward to being able to communicate with you about WoT. I've recently gotten back into it, as I've come to terms with the grind in the game. Plus, getting into a Chaffee and T20 really makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something instead of just grinding all of the time. Add to that my participation over the last few days in CW and Company Batles, and I'm having a lot of fun. I'll be redoubling my efforts in the Chaffee to get it maxed (just need final engine and more crew exp), as well as getting my T20 turned into an M26, and eventually Patton and beyond. My goal for your website is to join the WoT conversation and be a part of that community, as it's kind of died down big-time in TBC proper.