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  1. Hello Gen, I have been away for I guess 2 years now. I see old gaming friend are still around and a lot of new Gen also. I will look forward to playing and meeting everyone. I have a new gaming system on order waiting for delivery. My old system died some time ago. Please update me on the games your playing at this time. I have been out of touch with the gaming world. Last time to played was W@W ,black ops and Tanks. I hear war thunder is awesome? I like to learn ARMA anyone will to teach me? World of Tanks I'm going to download first. Looking forward to all the changes since I played last.
  2. CAS: Fang BattleBox Gaming Case CASUPGRADE: Flexible LED Interior Light Strip [+19] (Blue Color) CPU: IntelĀ® Core
  3. Ha Generals, Be nice as founder of this clan that my access be restored. Can't even use shout box, E mail Or council chambers. I have a new gaming system on order. I other system died sometime ago. if you will have me, I will come and play with gens once again. Beep Beep Jeep
  4. Americans are always the bad guys in the eye of other countries.
  5. Would be nice someone fix it! Beep! Beep!
  6. Great new! Amazing what they can do today! Will keep to both in our thoughts. Thank for keeping us updated.
  7. another stupid rule like some of ours.:blink:/>
  8. Sorry for the loss.I love my we inner dog.
  9. Welcome aboard Helios about time
  10. :tongue:/>
  11. Rules for American warfighter server on a 3 month trail the following rules are in effect as of now. After 90 Days February 16 2013 Council will decide the fate of this server. Our decision will be basted on usage by our members and the public. We will not be make any changes to the rules during this time. Crouch or walking only Running under fire is allowed to nearest cover only or to defuse a bomb. No Spawn camping (if you spawn on your buddy while he's under fire & you die you cannot call spawn killing) No bunny hopping ledging/glitching No deliberate team killing No Swearing in game either voice or text chat No Disrespect Admins MUST GIVE A HEADS UP prior to kicking.. remember educate before eradicate.. abuse of your powers will see you lose them GEN Jeep
  12. Revised Running under fire is allowed to nearest cover only or to defuse a bomb.
  13. What is the out come of this 7 day rule set? I need to know i'm making a final decision tonight what rule set and game type we are going with For 90 days.
  14. My point, well said.
  15. The issue is we have people that want to have rules which I personal feel is not needed. Other don't want rules so we're dose that leaves us? No ones playing our server that's the issue like Bf 3. not doing this again ,Some can't even play warfighter with the current issues that even that bad.
  16. All Asian servers will remain open. Nothing happening to the u.s. server meaning warfighter untell the other council members agree to shutting it down. Battlefield 3 will be moved to Asia asap.
  17. That's what I ment.
  18. I jest proposed to the council to shout it down.also battlefield 3.
  19. Agreed waisting to much time and energy .
  20. I think the point were missing is the game not about crouching or running around it's about playing as it was intended tactical , meaning crouch when needed running to nearst cover when needed.would it be easier to control someone not using the nearest cover rule then controlling someone running or not? We call ourself a tactical clan we now have the game for the first time for that . This is not blackops, w@w or B3. Another point I must make some weapons are heavier than others even in real life you would have the same issue of moving slower or faster.So why make an issue of this. We crouch this server will runin the games intent . Hip firing who cares? Sights up why? Wast of time trying to control is my point. I Say everyone think out of the box and change the past play styles to something new, warfighter is giving us what we always asked for tactical realisum. The use of cove is my point, not controling if we run crouch or not. This game is about your skill and using cover and team work, why they gave you a buddy. Well I gave my 2 cent as your leader now lets get the server set up and start using it with what we have to deal with and get the pubber playing.. I must say I'm so far not happy that the servers not being used more. This is your home play in your yard not someone else's also get in team speak and play with your fellow clan members. GEN Jeep
  21. Welcome
  22. That is awesome! Now how do you vote?
  23. I personally think the game is great.alot better than battlefield 3.the fire fights with team objective is a good time best death match I think sucks to much running and gunning for me. The buddy system is also great ideal. Best of all no rules to deal with.