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  1. why the hell not^^ count me in^^
  2. Well is it just me or are there really no big gameplay/engine changes? Looks pretty much like the last games exept of course the minor changes like Dog, Costumization and stuff. And again the no-recoil weapons? Or ist low recoil more realistic? I'm no weapons expert^^
  3. Hey guys. Long time no see. Since World of Warplanes is now in his Open Beta I wanted to ask you if you plan to play it. It seems most if you already startet with War Thunder. So if you plan to play WoP give me a heads up. Cya
  4. Hey guys! Long time no speak ey? Since I stopped playing CoD and my PC can't handle BF 3 we had hardly chance to play together (maybe WoT). Because of this I wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you heard of Guns of Icarus or maybe got and played it alread. For those who don't know GoIO Its pretty much an airship battle where you and three of your steam friends fight against enemys. You need 4 players because you need to fill the role of the Captain, the Engineer and two Gunners. You can watch this vid about the gameplay. At the beginning of the vid a reviewer called AngryJoe just talks about the game in general. So if you are interrested hit me up, I didn't bought it yet and as long s as I don't have friends playing it I won't buy it Till then, Azh
  5. Doesn't the 2nd amendment speak of a trained and controlled militia?
  6. Amen brother. The solution is not to take all weapons away from their owner. The Solution is to make sure the owners of guns are screened closly and trained as good as possible. Second it should be illegal to let weapons lay around unprotected. They should be locked away so only the trained owener can get to them in a case of an emergency. Third dealing with weapons especially for the gun manufacturer is way too profitable. 2009 was the last school massacre in Germany. The kid broke into the weapon locker of his parents and stole the weapons. As a result of the shooting hundred of weapon owner surrenderd their legal bought weapons to the police.
  7. woah nice oO
  8. moar thank you Black I was too stupid too figure that out too oO
  9. I think many other gave player like you something extra for paying so long. I think it was with Aion wich I started to play AFTER it get F2P. Is there nothing extra for older player in SWOTR? As an old WoW player I can't help noticing that every ,,WoW-Killer' made a hughe faceplant on the floor . But when it goes F2P I'm definitly ging to check it out.
  10. We ARE helping Greece ... I'm German. And the payment for WMO is not monthly its just one time or what do you mean?
  11. I can't wait for this bloody game to be released! Got myself the Elite Founder and the Catapult.
  12. Well honestly call me stupid and you're probably correct. I played maybe for 2 months or so and felt it was really hard to earn credits just with missions. I think I didn't gave the game chance it deserves, but honestly I can't afford it anyway.
  13. Amen! The problem with Eve IMO is it is always the same. No big change. I worked till my Thorax Cruiser and after that I was pretty lost because I had no idea what to do and I didn't get any new missions just always the same old.
  14. Praise ze Lord! I died countless times wehen the enemy had low health and I dealt no damage and then he killed me.
  15. thx guys. and thx Dragon I'm really too stupid for that.