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  1. I set out on this project and ran the streets of Japan while staying at hostels for about 8 days.
  2. So the site is crap, Cappy?
  3. Let's do it!
  4. Cheers guys... F***ing wife was deemed politically incorrect.... Jinx, I did not have enough backers for the jacket, and I was not willing to fit the bill. :/
  5. I've been absent from the clan for about 20 reasons, and this has been the main one lately. Scratch to finish with little know how..... I was picked out and featured by my registrar, which, I think, is one of the largest in the UK and 5th largest in the US.
  6. Cheers, guys!
  7. You'd have to play it hungover in order to get on Waller's level.
  8. Still looking for a replacement, and not having much luck.. Also, my "money backers" haven't really been keeping up, and I'm not going to fund this alone
  9. Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. My business has been taking off, so not much time for games. I just launched my first online store, which is keeping with my offline sales Cheers!
  10. There is not time frame, but we just found out the company we originally ordered the replica jacket from STOPPED selling it! So, we missed India and are trying to find a replacement. I will message everyone interested when I figure this out.
  11. Pretty much everywhere possible except the US.
  12. Awesome! I already have an NZ, Timber, and now 2 Oz... I'll probably set it up so it goes to all 4 of you since it is so close. I'll get details from you once I plan out the logistics. You guys rock.
  13. The picture just has to be around something that lets him know it's in that country. On the 21st the jacket will be leaving Oklahoma on it's way to India.
  14. Calling all Gens! My friend lost his jacket at a bar in the US. He is very upset about this, so we are buying him a new one without him knowing it. The catch is, I'm going to ship it around the world and have (hopefully) some of you take pictures in it and then sign the inside as to where it was. I am going to start a photo album to tease him. It's kind of like the traveling yard gnome. We have started a fund and will cover any shipping costs. Once you receive the jacket and do your work, I will provide you with the next address and paypal the shipping costs to you! If you are interested, sound off and I will PM you to get your info.
  15. Nice Hodgy, I take it you're the camera man. She's got a good voice to pull of the Florence + Machine song.