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  1. okay no problem just keep us in touch hopefully we can get this going and get teams situated alot faster on our end.
  2. sounds good there Jinx. We would like to get this going for June 6th. I will be leaving town today and Darthmullet will handle the scrims for the next 2 weeks while I am out. Just get in touch with him. If you can please post your info for the srim location ip on our forums. Thanks again, [CiD] VE-NOM!!
  3. Thanks for the scrim request =GEN= Sixfour and the Cartoon Generals. We are in process of acquiring players and setting a date. Once this is acquired I will repost the date and the maps that we would like to play. Thanks, [CiD] VE-NOM!! Cartoon Generals vs. CID BLOPS Scrim SCRIM PROPOSAL Hi. The Cartoon Generals would like to challenge your clan to a friendly BlackOps Tactical Crouch Scrim. If you are interested, please reply by sending an email to or by posting through our website forums at under 'Joint Operations' or even reply to this post. SCHEDULE: DATE | 6th - Open 13th - Open 20th - Open TIME | 8pm EST PLAYERS | 9 to 12 per team SERVER: Cartoon Generals Scrim Server GAME TYPE | MAPS | SIDES: Round 1: GAME TYPE: Your Choice | MAP: Your Choice | SIDE: Your Choice Round 2: GAME TYPE: Domination | MAP "Crisis" | GENs side:Tropas Round 3: GAME TYPE: Team Deathmatch | MAP "Your Choiceā€¯ | SIDE: Your Choice SCRIM RULES: 1. Crouch movement at all times (no mini sprints). Run to nearest cover is ok when under direct enemy fire and from nades. Standing to look over objects is ok. 2. Use sights at all times. No hip fire. 3. No Second Chance Perk, all other Perks are allowed. 4. No dual wield weapons, all other weapons and attachments are allowed 5. No wall spamming, you have to see a part of a person to shoot through a wall ( ie. weapon, foot, hand..etc....) 6. In Demolition or Search and Destroy, defusing team can run to defuse a bomb. 7. No KillStreaks 8. Winner of 2 rounds wins the scrim. Round 3 will be played regardless of score. 9. There is to be no comments in global chat except for gl=good luck or gg=good game(except for the Team Reps). Team Representative will review the video of each scrim. Any dispute to the outcome of the match must then be brought to the attention of the opposing Team Representative within 24 hours of scrim end. If the Team Representatives cannot resolve the dispute that round will be null and void and a rematch will be rescheduled. Reasons for dispute are major rule infractions and cheating allocations. Small infractions may be overlooked however if obvious disregard of rules is noted throughout the match, it will be considered major (i.e. hip fire, running). If anything needs discussing, please don't hesistate to contact me or Hedley. Thank you for your time.. =GEN=SixFour Cartoon Generals