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  1. Hello, my names Pete or SlippyFists (or Sloppy as I was called the other night) I'm 26 and live in England, I'm currently a part of a clan called and we're active in a few leagues on BF3 for the xbox, we used to have tons of members but with the slow decline in people playing BF3 it's started to dwindle a bit. We're always up for a match anyway, but with (from what I understand) you mostly all being from thousands of miles away I doubt the little xbox could cope haha. I've just started my own channel on youtube where I've been uploading fifa pro clubs to, but since I've bought a new PC I can't really be arsed with the xbox anymore as I'm sure some will understand. The main reason I'm here though is due to a member of yours called Cappy who I met on an Liverpool FC fans forum (of all places) who invited me to have a game or two with him. I've already jumped into a custom mission with a few of you and hope to meet more. Also maybe next time I'll have my ACRE sorted haha. Back to our clan, we have a growing number of PC gamers who are all into shooters and other things but our idea is to build a good squad up and be ready to hit Battlefield 4 competitively after release. But in the mean time we're reaching out and just trying to make new friends with other clans, like you guys, who we can maybe jump onto Arma with for the night or BF3 for a cheeky scrim, whatever really. So if you ever fancy a mess around one night/day for you let me know and we'll try to sort something out. Easy now, Pete.