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  1. Hello I would like to propose a BF3 scrim: Your clan Name: LOoL Your clan Website: Type of Gamestyle your clan plays: You may walk up right, You are allowed to sprint when under direct fire to the closet cover, but you must return to walk or crouch when reaching cover. No sprinting from cover to cover. Your name: KillRoy79 Your rank or position: Founder/Scrim Coordinator Who to contact: KillRoy79 Date match will be played: TBD start time 8:00 P.M. EST Which server: LOoL Tactical Hardcore Server Gametype: SDM, Rush,TDM / Maps TBD Game Length: Winner of each map played best 2 out of 3 wins scrim. 75 tickets on SDM & TDM/ 3 sets of objectives on rush Number of players 8 or more per team (this can be adjusted up or down at game time) Rules of engagement, if any: Friendly Fire - On Killcam - Off MiniMap - On Crosshair - Off Show Name Tags - Off Regenerate Health - Off Show HUD - Off Spawn only on squad leader - On Vehicles - Off 3D Spotting - Off Minimap Spotting - On Soldier Health - 60% Man down time - 100% Player Respawn time - 100% Team Kill Counter Off No bunny hopping or ledgeing Weapons: All weapons may only have iron sights (this includes snipers and pistols) No launched weapons: SMAWS , RPGS, 320, Cross Bows or under slung rifle grenades.No explosive rounds,slugs or darts for shotguns 320 with smoke is allowed Claymores & C4 are permited No MAVS Tugs or Spawn Beacons I look forward to working out the final details, Regards
  2. Ahhh "cheeky humor" if the Red Coats thought the Colonials fought like savages last time they haven't seen a thing yet...ROFLMAO
  3. Good to know Jinx I look forward to working with you.
  4. Hello all KillRoy79 here, just dropped in to say hi. I am the scrim coordinator for the LOoL Clan and I will be looking up SixFour to work out details for a friendly BF3 scrim. Good hunting all :thumbsup:/>