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  1. NSFW contains some swearing..
  2. The latest Americas Army is out. It seems to be more arcade FPS like the CoD series, but its fun.
  3. Hello GENs, the name's chaz, I've played on and off in y'all's servers over the years. I've recently discovered y'all have a arma 3 server. Very neat.. Don't be a stranger on the black ops and bf3 either. See y'all out there.
  4. Hello GENs, my name is chaz and I would like to assist you all in keeping your black ops server a tactical and friendly environment. I have read and understand your rules and regs; I have read the guest admin post and concur. I have played with the GENs over the past years and would be happy to assist in any way. v/r Chaz
  5. rgr, appreciate it
  6. chaz69
  7. I should be on tomorrow, maybe we can get this acre mess figured out.