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  1. That's a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot. His name is Nate, or Feathered Asshole. I sleep with ear plugs.
  2. Hello Generals, long time no see. I just wanted to pop by and wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas. May you all be reading this in good health. I'll be working on Christmas. Folks need extra electricity to power up those Christmas lights. Merry Christmas to you all. Spend the holidays laughing with your loved ones and remembering the loved ones that have passed. Oh, and don't forget to eat lots and lots. also, remember to wear good elastic waist pants and have a cookie or two for me.
  3. We'll see..... WAW was one of the last great installments of this game.
  4. I'll pass on this one. How many games will they pump out with recycled maps? Same game different box. The past couple of installments have been a complete insult to pc gamers. The graphics are lack lustre at best. If they want another dollar from me they will go back to making a quality game.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! May the year 2014 bless you and your families with good health and prosperity.
  6. There aren't any words that I can think to say that will make anything that your family is going through feel any better. I am so sorry to learn of your loss. Just know that I have your family in my thoughts. Take care my friend. -Kyle
  7. As always, I hope this message finds you and your families all in good health. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. My mother passed on December 4th 2012. She lost a battle with cancer. My mom dedicated her life to helping others. She taught herself to read and write braille. She worked with a blind child from kindergarten through high school grad. She then went on to work with autistic children until she retired. She was the BEST with those children. I felt cheated when she was taken. We live in Connecticut. Perhaps she was taken so that she could guide those children that were stolen from their families in Newtown. I bet she's watching over them right now. Thank you GEN for being my friends. Thank you for the well wishes. Merry Christmas. -Caustic- Kyle
  8. Hello GEN, as always I hope this message finds you all in good health. At this time I hereby resign from the Generals. You are all a wonderful group pf friends that I have met while gaming. As you all know, I met you through the 7Cav. Ajoel recruited me. Smarty was my D.I. I looked forward to practice every week because we had fun and practiced what the weekly assignment was. I then met up with Medic and asked to be a DJ on the Cav radio because Grape was ill and wasn't able to DJ. In Playing World at War I met up with Cappy, Rottie, Scotty Dawg, Jeep, Lead Magnet, Marko, DocsCar, and so many many others. The Gen follow a gaming style that doesn't suit me. I personally don't like crouching and aiming down sights all the time. BLOPS 2 is a lot of fun. The pipe dream of a dedicated server is long gone. I will always refer to you all as friends. I am very proud to have been associated with something as great as the Cartoon Generals. It is now that I request an honorable exit. -Caustic A.K.A. Kyle Rochelle
  9. Great topic, for me Pet Cemetery, Hell Raiser, Nightmare on Elm St., and Amityville Horror (original). Those are a few of my favs.
  10. This truly does suck. I was really hoping that this game would be dedicated and that we might run it as we did with BLOPS 1. I am really upset with this news.
  11. That is great news. I can't wait to check it out.
  12. Merry Christmas, be safe
  13. I'm an operator in a power plant. In order to work on equipment I have to remove (rack out) the breakers. They are pretty serious. I am covered in an arc suit from head to toe. The gloves are sent out and tested monthly for tears. The only time I get nervous is opening or closing the DC circuits. They are basic "knife switches" and you just about touch both sides of the switch. Live fast, take chances.
  14. This is me at work. I am an MW3 Juggernaut. I wear this suit with the thick leather and rubber gloves when I rack breakers in and out. I was working with 4160kv (4160000 Volts) when this was taken. If the suit fails I won't feel a thing.
  15. That's an 8 point. Shoot it and make chili.