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    Sex , No goats, no chickens. Hunting, fishing, Beer....repeat!
  1. Lmao
  2. Thanks Jinx
  3. Yes I love Hockey Pens fan
  4. Guy's, I'd like to say that it's been a pleasure to have been accepted into the Carnage Clan. A great brotherhood of like minded guy's. As many in the clan know I'm a Canadian......Eh!. Please don't hold that against me. I'm a ex Tanker in the Canadian military and now fly fixed wing aircraft for a living, doing medevac work. " Best job I ever had." I am married with 4 grown kids and 6 grandkids. Now that I'm Gaming, my cool status has gone up 50%. So say the grand to love it! I took interest in WOT 9 months ago , and like many of you I'm addicted. Gaming is quite new to me and so far it's been a blast. I think I fit in well with the boy's. I've made some good friendships through Cartoon Generals and the clan. Hope to continue doing so. Brent (zipperhead69c)
  5. Welcome, great bunch of guy's you'll like it
  6. nice can't wait
  7. * You Must be over 18 * You must have a microphone * You Must have Team Speak 3 * You must be willing to post on the forums a MINIMUM of every 3 weeks. * You Must have Call of Duty: Black Ops, Battlefield 3,,Battlefield 4, World Of Tanks , Arma 3 or Red Orchestra 2 * You Must be willing to play in a Tactical Realism Unit and respect fellow members. *You must provide a Steam ID , if you have one, regardless of if you still play Steam Games * You Must be registered on our forum. * You Must be able to communicate in English. * You must NOT have a VAC , Punkbuster or Battleye ban on your current or previous accounts, If you have a previous Vac , PB or Battleye ban .Seek Jesus, he forgives hackers WE DONT. Anyone found to have a VAC/ PB or Battleye ban will be removed from the clan, unless it can be proved that the ban is unjustified.. YOU are responsible for your computer and who uses it,claims of "oh my son/neighbour/the kid down the road used my computer and must have installed this hack" will carry no weight http://www.cartoonge...-your-computer/ It important that you read this If Joining to play World of Tanks {CARNAGE clan} read the following. Rules for tankers If you meet these requirements and wish to apply, copy and paste the information below and start a new topic in the Recruitment Center with; Topic name: zipperhead69c Topic description: Application Application Form: Name: Brent Schill Age: 53 Location: Canada Time Zone: Central Have you served in the military: Yes SteamID: N/A Steam Profile page url: N/A Origin ID:N/A Ingame Name(s): zipperhead69c Select Your Game: World of Tanks COD / BF3 specific questions (can be skipped if you are not playing these games): Do you regularly play on our server(s) ? yes Do you follow our server rules well ? yes World of Tanks specific questions (can be skipped if you are not playing this game): What is your highest tier tank ? 10 General Questions: Why would you like join the Cartoon Generals? Answer Here pleasure of playing wot with clan How many hours do you play games every week? 20 What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals? disiplined How did you hear about Cartoon Generals? Clan Answer Here Do you have a working microphone and speakers? Answer Here: yes If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating towards the clan for the servers and website? (Donations are never expected or required - if you have a few dollars you want to donate, feel free. If you are unable to donate, you are still welcome here). Answer Here: yes Clans you were in before? Answer Here: 101 the brave Reason why you left not active enough Please copy and paste the following into your application thread failure to do so will result in your application being ignored I have read and fully Understand the application information Questions and agree that the following is true ? {If you are unsure of any question, please speak to a Council/Orientation Officer or Sheriff for clarification} * I am over 18 * I have a Working microphone * I have Team Speak 3 * I have provided a link to my Steam page {if you have one} * I understand there will be a series of PM's sent to me over the initial weeks,my failure to read them will postpone my vote/may hinder my acceptance into the Cartoon Generals * I am willing to post on the forums at least every 3 weeks. * I actively play one of the following: Call of Duty: Black Ops, World Of Tanks,Battlefield 3 ,Battlefield 4,Red Orchestra 2 or Arma 3 * I am willing to play in a Tactical Realism Unit and respect fellow members. * I can communicate in English. * I have never been banned by VAC, Punkbuster or Battleye systems for hacking or cheating * i have read and understand the following thread http://www.cartoonge...-your-computer/ * I fully understand that Racism, Bigotry and Disrespect is not tolerated and will result in my instant removal from the clan and access to,CG TS, CG forums and any game servers the Cartoon Generals host will be denied I agree to the terms