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  1. I have 3 maxed toons in game...I can help anyone level if you want. I can also craft any equipment you may need for materials cost. Stuff like rare phasers or rare consoles....stuff youd pay tons for ingame I know the ins and outs and what classes work with what ships ect. Lemme know if you need help
  2. Dragon is dedicated and very level headed. He has both my respect and friendship and I have no doubt that he will do an awesome job with WoT!!!
  3. Agreed
  4. WOWP is the plane game from the WoT people. World of Planes is from these guys... They look really alike though
  5. hehe
  6. Take this!!!!!
  7. wow...
  8. nice
  9. joe cocker does John Belushis impression of him
  10. or a couple
  11. speaking of the 70s---
  13. haha nice stuff.