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  1. Thanks for asking tho!
  2. As well as I think I can be for a 60 year old!
  3. I've been away also Jeep. Since my surgery I sill play but not nearly as much. Good to see everyone again!
  4. I think I posted in the wrong forum! Oh well. How's everybody doing!
  5. Voted. I really like the battlefield3. Preordered BF4.
  6. Just wanted you guys to know Denise AKA Betty Boop was just released from the hospital. she has a concussion, broken elbow, as near as I can make out about 6 stiches over her left eye and had a little blood between her brain and skull. You should see the other guy!!! She was in a bicycle accident, the bike stopped and Denise didn't. The Docs said she will make a full recovery and should regain the rest of her memory. Give a shout out for my wife!! Hoorah!
  7. Runez, I just upgraded my wife's machine, I got her a 3570k Intel on a Z77 Gigabyte board, 8 gigs of memory, Western Digital 1 tb black caviar HD, antec 750 power supply and a gtx 560. Ain't no game it won't run at almost full tilt except maybe crysis3. oh and by the way I also built one for myself. It's the same exact hardware except the memory is different make and my video card is a gtx660ti.
  8. I"m free!!!!!!
  9. Thanks cap
  10. Not looking forward to open heart surgery,....
  11. Sorry for posting in this forum. But I didn't know which one to use as I'm using the mobile site.
  12. Hey gens, FinkyDinks here. I'm posting here because I'm on my cell phone, in the hospital. Lucky me. Turns out I need a replacement heart valve. So I will be laid up for awhile. I will be back soon, you might see me a little before Feb as I will have the surgury in Feb sometime. One more test to take tomorrow.
  13. My mommy says if you guys don't play nice, I can't play with you anymore.
  14. The world and certainly not our countries have enough room for this much hate!!?
  15. Ladies, ladies,can't we all just get along????