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  1. Hello Fellow Gens, Introduction: We have a Cartoon Generals Dedicated Server running 24/7 via NFO. We currently have running only two mods which it asks you to load MCC4 on start up so if so click the top one to load Mods and start. It is running the standard Maps and missions plus we have running DYNAMIC RECON OPS missions for Stratis, Altis and Tanoa (Missions change each time you play plus you can choose the set up when you log in. It is a 24 person slot server and I have a better ping than the old server we ran. It seemed to me to be smoother in game. I did choose to parachute in on one of the Dynamic missions and my parachute would not deploy but I just landed flat on the ground and did not get injured. At least I didn't spawn in the Ocean. There is no ACE Mod loaded at the moment. Hopefully see you in game soon and don't be shy about jumping in anytime and testing out how to use MCC and fly, drive some of the vehicles. Test some of the big guns. We can also save some of the missions within MCC. Finding it: Look for =GEN= Tactical I found it by just filtering for Tactical it didn't seem to like the =GEN part. PW: Usual one for Arma 3 server. Future intentions: Add more Maps and Dynamic Missions (Nam looks good). There are many many on Steam. Add a NO Fatigue Mod so we don't run out of energy when only running with a grenade Announcements to be made if we are to try new mods but it is pretty easy these days. Thanks: Thanks to Runez and Hodgy for the set up