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  1. Hello GENS, I am proposing we give a fellow GEN a bit of a hand. I would like for us to download and jump in for a bit of a run around in Planetside 2 with Dark_Hope. It is only 20 GB in side and is FREE. If you don't have much space then it is easily uninstalled afterwards. I propose a few of us download it and organise a few hours of our game time in the holidays to give it a go. (organise is spelt with an s where I come from....honezt) Also Dark_Hope: I think you would like ARMA III. I know for sure we have a few GENs that are happy to play ARMA III at the weekends as a GEN favourite (spelt with a U where I come from). Arma III is even easier for the MOD use now too. For your consideration (spelt with a C where I come from..... not that c ). Regards, Timberwolf