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  1. Hi, Thank you for accepting me and giving me a chance as a potential prospect. I was recruited by Boris666. He did his usual recruitment message and caught my attention. I was feeling down right bored in my old clan and decided to take up his challenge. My old clan was formed just for fun, it had like 3 members and no activity. Before joining here, I found my self squaring away against Boris, he set himself up on the hill of Prokhorovka and I was in town taking shots at him. Long story short, I was too eager and got my self killed. Then I found myself platooning with the clan, which I found to be an amusing experience. A fun facts on Prokhorovka: Generally open, but hilly terrain around a vital railroad, with groups of trees providing shelter for tank destroyers. On the offensive, watch your own flanks while striking against the enemy flanks. Artillery has free reign, although it is still vulnerable to raids by light vehicles. I'm stationed in USA/NY and CT, don't mind the word station. I have long work days, usually 12H or more, but I'll be around WoT, TS and forums when I can. I work for the city of New York as a programmer. If you want to know more about me, please visit my website here. I have a Twitch channel here. Come and poke fun or at me Since I don't know much about you guys, maybe you can leave me some fun facts about yourself here, so I can get to know you better. Thank you, Good Luck on your Adventure! ~Grimreaper01