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  1. Hey Gens, We are looking for more interested players for a racing game. assetto corsa. We have our own server set up thanks to Hodgy. Currently we have 3 Gens playing I think. Hodgy, ShuQI and me. I would like for more Gens to get in on the fun..... and it is fun. Especially chasing down ShuQi or at least trying to beat his lap times. It would pay to be able to have a USB XBox style controller to use or a steering wheel. I am using a made for PC XBOX 360 USB controller and it works well. Everytime we play the server gets pretty full pretty quickly. IOT (In order to) help with interest I would like to give away 1 x copy of the game + DLCs. You can jump in for some quick hot laps, qualifying and /or a race of 10 laps (about 2 min a lap.... ish). You can jump in during a race and leave as and when you need to. No long commitments to have to stick around Anyone that would be interested and would come along (we usually play at the weekends a few hours before Fun night and the next day on Sunday afternoon), PM me and the first one in will get themselves a gifted copy. Get now, get it while it's hot. Offer closes after first PM received. Open to currently active Gens.