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WoT Clan positions

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Privileged rights


There is a set of rights that are by default not available to ordinary clan members. These include:


1.Apply for rated clan battles and tournaments

2.Set clan members' roles (except for clan leader's) accept/ban a right, and set primary role

3.Transfer clan leader rights to another member

4.Accept or reject applications for players to join a clan

5.Send an invitation to join a clan

6.Remove a player from the clan

7.Disband the clan

8.Distribute funds among the members of the clan treasury clan

9.Perform exchange operations with the clan treasury

10.Make payments and purchases by means of the clan treasury


Clan Wars privileges:


11.Select players to participate in combat prebattle room

12.Select and invite mercenaries

13.Set intelligence and counterintelligence operations

14.Set diversion operations

15.Make and break diplomatic pacts

16.Manage the tokens on the map (deployment, any movement, including the transfer to and from reserves)

17.Carry out token movements

18.Change taxes in provinces

19.See nonpublic clan information


Distribution of roles





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