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Cartoon Generals Mission Statement

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Cartoon Generals Mission Statement


The Cartoon Generals is a social clan, far more like a family than a regimented or military organisation as is the case with many gaming clans. Despite this, we feel it is necessary to set out a clear set of rules and guidelines for how we expect our members to behave, what is expected of them, and what they can expect from the Cartoon Generals!



  • Provide a tactical realism environment on our game servers

  • Enforce the rules of our servers

  • Treat every member equally with respect, honesty and friendship

  • Elaborate and tweak clan by-laws to ensure an easy and equal administration of the clan

  • Have fun! We are all Generals, it's just a game after all


Provide a tactical realism environment on our game servers

There are a lot of people who play online games who like the tactical realism rule set. It limits the run and gun aspect of those games we all love and enjoy! The Cartoon Generals will make sure that such and environment exists in all the games current and future that we wish to support!


Enforce the rules of our servers

In order to provide a tactical environment to our members and the gaming community in general we need to ensure the rules are followed by both members and visitors on our game servers!


Treat every member with respect, honesty and friendship

Respect is one of the most important elements of this clan. If you don't respect your fellow clanmate, then you can never expect respect for yourself. Remember that as a cartoon General you are representing the clan as a whole whenever you play in public wearing the clan tags, and even if you are playing under a fake name, poor behavior, hacking, or abuse has a habit of getting trace back to you eventually and us. Getting kicked or banned under a pseudonym can still have repercussions when playing games with a global ID like GUID's of the COD series or Steam games.


We expect honesty of our members. It is very important that everyone within the clan shares their honest opinion with each other concerning clan issues. Honesty is important for the friendships we have within the clan, so if you don't feel you can be honest with us then this clan is not for you.


Elaborate and tweak clan by-laws to ensure an easy and equal administration of the clan

All of us are here because of the games and the people we meet, so this should not be a job. The creation of the clan by-laws and it's fine tunning will ensure a simple easy and clear way to address issues that we will come across. Of course everything cannot be foreseen, adjustments will be needed from time to time. The by-laws should evolve along the way as we grow. Suggestions from all will always be more then welcome in order to make sure these by-laws represent each and everyone of us. Having them will allow us to streamline some of the administration of the clan, thus making it less of a job for everyone.


Have fun! This is a game after all

It sounds obvious, doesn't it? Well some people just take games too seriously, we had to remind everyone of that fact to make sure no one gets his priorities mixed up. Having fun is what this is all about!

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