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World at War Server

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1st Here again is server info:


Cartoon Generals Call Of Duty World @ War "CG OpenWarfare HC" TDM

Server: (Chicago, IL)

Port: 28960

Ruleset TDM: Crouch movement, Aimed Fire. No Second Chance or Martyrdom.


I will be setting up all the following Vietnam maps as TDM..


















Maps will auto rotate there are only 15 Vietnam so if you need special help for download please send me a PM - we are using a redirect server in conjunction with the Server so it really shouldn't be to much to ask to use that, but I will tender to any special needs...


Thank You again for your cooperative support of this well designed MOD and Game...


again, if there is anything special you would like to see on the server let me know, I will bring it to the council and we will do what we can to satisfy all...

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There was a hitch with the B3 setup that needs to be resolved.


I'll try to have that configured before end of day (but need to run out for a few hours first).

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Thanks Medic and Runez for your time and effort.

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