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Black Opps Rules

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In game rules:
Rule #1: Move crouched at all times, running from direct fire, nades or killstreaks is allowed.NO
Bunnyhoping or corner jumping.
Rule#2:Aimed fire at all times.Accidents will happen surprised. but please limit it.
Rule#3:No arguing with Admins, listen learn or leave
Rule#4:Foul language and racism will not be tolerated.these may result in an instant ban
Rule#5:Second Chance perk is not allowed on our servers,
Rule #6:Camping is allowed, Spawn camping is not.push the spawn do not camp it.
Rule#7:Wall Spamming, Prefiring, Smoke Spamming is not allowed. If you have comfirmation they are there then fire explosives are exempt from this rule.
Rule#8:Please apologise for all team kills in Global chat {use the T key}
Rule#9:All Weapons, Attachments and Killstreaks are allowed except Dual Weild/Akimbo
Rule#10:Respect everyones style of play, be it camping roaming or use of a tube.Disrespect of
players in the server can see you banned.
Rule#11: No ledging:stand only on a surface that would support you in real life:Hacking or Map
glitching will result in a permanent ban

For further clarification of the rules visit

Crouched movement only
· Crouched movement refers to moving in the crouched position. By default this is bound to "C" on the PC;
· You may not move upright with sights up. Crouch movement always! (see allowed running exceptions below)
· You may stand up when behind an obstacle or in a window and maybe even adjust by a step or two to clear your shot but that is all.

No running, except if you are under direct enemy fire, grenades, helicopters or other kill streaks.
· Direct enemy fire refers to the opposing team firing at you;
· Grenades must have been thrown within effective range of you putting you in danger;
· You may run through your own smoke to cross open areas only;
· If an enemy helicopter is in the air, you may run to the nearest cover only and then must immediately return to crouch.

Aimed fire at all time, no hip firing.
· Your weapon must be aimed to fire it using (Right Click) by default;
· Grenade launchers are exempt;

No foul language, racism, or insults of any type will be tolerated.
· No swearing;
· No racism;
· No insulting other players;

No Second Chance.
· The Second Chance Perk is not permitted. If you have prestiged or are a new player, you may not use the default Assault kit because it comes preloaded with Second Chance. Choose another kit (MP5K, HK21 for example) until you unlock class customization;

No spawn camping.
· If you are watching people spawn and shooting them as they spawn, then you are spawn camping. Move along and find a new spot.
· If you spawn and have taken a few steps since spawning, it's unlikely that you've been spawn camped. You've been unlucky with spawn. If you repeatedly spawn in the same spot and die to the same guy, then you probably are being camped and it's worth mentioning.

Spamming and Wall shooting
· If you know that a target is behind a wall or in smoke, you may shoot them. Evidence can be intelligence from a team mate, observing hostile fire, seeing the muzzle of a weapon protruding, or following someone as they move behind a wall.
· Spamming a wall or Smoke with fire hoping to hit someone is not permitted;
Prefiring is also not allowed, have confirmation before you pull the trigger, That can be Visual {uav or sight}, Audio, you hear them move or reload or ingame chat,you MUST re-aquire a target after death, seeing them shoot you from a spot is not confirmation

Allweapons and attachments allowed including pistol usage at anytime..except Dual Weild/Akimbo

No disrespect of anyone in the server.
· Treat others as you would your best friend;
· Respect everyone else's style of play. Camping is legal, for example, don't complain about someone else camping - that's their style.
Trolling or abuse of other players is not tolerated

Ledging:Stand on objects that would support you in real life. if its less than 10'wide chances are it would not support you, therefore not allowed on our servers.

Hacking or map glitching will result in a permanent ban:Use of Aimbots, Radar or Wall hacks or similar cheats will see you reported to Treyarch and your account banned not only from our server, but from playing online black ops again see PCDEV
Using map glitches , getting into or under the map which is not intended as part of the game will be treated the same as hacking.

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