IMPORTANT: Because of the upgrade you need to login with your DISPLAY NAME, So members will need to use their =GEN=YOURNAME to login

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Name: Travis

Age: 39

Location: Chaska, MN

Time Zone: Central


Ingame Name: -BURNOUT-

SteamID: travisw2008


Select Game Play:

Call Of Duty: Black Op's


Do you regularly play on our server(s) (applies to COD)?

I will be joining the servers shortly and look forward to meeting everyone.


Do you follow our server rules well (applies to COD)?

As your rule set was vary similar to my last clans rules, I will have no problem following them.


Why would you like join the Cartoon Generals?

I am looking for an active clan that plays a wide variety of games and has the same mind set as I do as far as game play goes.


If accepted in to Cartoon Generals, would you consider donating towards the clan for the servers and website? (Donations are never expected or required - if you have a few dollars you want to donate, feel free. If you are unable to donate, you are still welcome here).

Without a doubt


What qualities do you have that would suit the community here at Cartoon Generals?

I know a little bit about web management, excellent at server admining and i am experienced at interclan relationships and setting up scrims.


How did you hear about Cartoon Generals?

I have scrimmed with them several times.


Do you have a working microphone and speakers?



Clans you where in before?

Most recently.... 12th Marines, 7th Cav and FURION


Reason why you left?

I was removed from the 12th Marines because "the wife" took over the clan when Crankbait supposedly quit. Me and her have had issues in the past but the issues were between me and her.

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Go ahead and change your ingame name to


Check your PMs for further instructions

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